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  1. I'm sorry the TPR group did not have a Tramtastic day. I started Googling to learn more about the screwy Express passes offered at USJ. While I was visiting the site, I came across "Information of temporarily closed attractions". Space Fantasy - The Ride closed 1/9/18-1/17/19 (Japan has a very unusual definition of "temporary") Jaws closed 6/11/18-6/24/19 (just missed it, Robb) They state: "We will sell Express Pass as the regular price during the above maintenance, so screw you silly Americans". I may not be translating that ent
  2. So Robb, you were in a train station and experienced Disaster! ...starring you! Was it better than Orlando's?
  3. Dammit! Why can't California be Japan? I mean, we have a crapload of earthquakes, too. So why can't we be as cool as them? I don't think there is a single person in Japan asking why Japan can't be California...
  4. Dammit, I never thought I'd say it, but I wish I was Robb right now.
  5. Thanks for another amazing trip report, Robb! Japan is on my bucket list. Every time I read about Japanese efficiency and friendliness, I want to retire to there, not just visit someday. Watching those videos is like watching 50's American society, but with super advanced technology. Been a long time since I logged in last, and pardon me if I am wrong, but I recall Elissa being a vegetarian. Is she an omnivore now? I saw her hungrily eyeing that delicious red cow flesh...
  6. That article isn't giving the entire story. I could be wrong (but I'm FAIRLY certain I'm not) that that was the issue that came up years back where they decided it was a good idea to add a gusset plate to strengthen that part was that showing structural problems. All examples of the ride were given that upgrade. That was dealt with, in what seems to have been a competent and responsible manner. That article looks to be trying to make it out to seem like they found issues and just ignored them. They didn't; they fixed that. Unfortunately it looks like a different source of cracking and fa
  7. If Robb and family have survived this long considering all of the Chinese coasters they have been on (including the self-operated ones), I think the accident rate is still very low. Actualy, for Robb - how do you and your family feel about safety following this? Not for the industry, but in terms of everything you've been on. Would you skip anything from here on out, or not do any particular rides/parks again?
  8. I am certainly not an expert on this but I have to disagree on principle. A safety mechanism would not be required to be held in the locked position by hydraulic pressure. Hydraulics fail more often than we realize. Think about the click-click-click we hear when we lock our restraints on a coaster. That is what is keeping our restraints locked, and each tooth we hear clicking is an extra level of safety. The hydraulics are pressurized to RELEASE the restraints - not to keep them locked. Remember, a safety restraint needs to be locked (safe) with no external power or pressurization - thi
  9. Horrific tragedy. From the picture of the arm showing the torn metal, it certainly looks like catastrophic metal fatigue to me. The floor looks intact in all video/pictures available to us. Had the gondola separated after striking an immobile object, I would expect the torn metal to be bent and have frayed edges and not be just a jagged tear. So I think it's more likely that the gondola separated and then hit something. What I still do not understand is that even if the gondola separates from the arm, why would the restraints not stay locked? It appears that two of the seats remained
  10. So great to hear, Robb! I think that's the first official confirmation. Looking forward to it. Going to tell my kids now!
  11. I only now read abut this because I got a TPR Email asking about an upcoming tour. I'm not totally clear if Robb is going to stop doing WCB as well (hoping not), but, jeez, it's really sad to see how people have taken for granted what TPR has provided over the years. Let me tell a tiny story that happened way back when I attended my first WCB (don't recall the year), but it was back when I used to be able to remember things. There was some sort of prize giveaway at SFMM, and I won a Revolution poster. Somehow I forgot to pick it up at the presentation, so I approached Robb while he was
  12. I still see VR being in its infancy that will soon give way to Augmented or Mixed Reality - essentially Google Glass that people will accept. When people have their own devices that they use daily, I see a coaster as just another thing to plug them into for an enhanced experience. I don't think that's a far-off thing. I'm still amazed at how quickly self-driving vehicles are being thrust at us. If we're all not driving soon, we are all going to need something to distract us. Having to strap on a huge headset that was (hopefully) just cleaned and charged is definitely not sustainable.
  13. Trying to picture what they removed to make room for this ride. Help me out here. I keep mixing up Gotham with the area where Riddler is. Batman Stunt Theater - demolished Gas station - demolished Climbing wall - demolished I take it the upcharge Flying Burrito ride is still there, as is the BBQ restaurant? And the totally non-DC-themed Tidal Wave which is okay since it's always closed? And I'd still like to think those electrical-looking conduits were really for pyro shells.
  14. A couple of pages ago, I posted what turned out to be a pretty inaccurate plan of attack for HHN Hollywood. This year, a good deal has changed, so please consider the following if you want to do everything in one night: Although the park has more HHN-type attractions this year, the following are closed for HHN: All of Potter (not even a sip of Butterbeer during HHN), Despicable Me, Super Silly Fun Land, Waterworld, Shrek. Some of these have never been open for HHN, but some are new to the list. Bottom line is that these people-eaters being closed make for longer lines. This year was
  15. Well said. The storyline is substantially different at the two parks, and that's probably the one area where USH is better, because the whole Brendan Fraiser thing is just incomprehensible.
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