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  1. Not sure how many people caught a glimpse of GhostRider yesterday. But there were many areas throughout the ride that had piles of lumber everywhere. Next to each lumber stack there was some locked blue tool cabinets that were labeled "GCI".
  2. When I used to operate rides if a guest complained about anything we needed to do something, we would not just forget about it. If it was car related we wouldn't load the car until the correct person could check it out, if it was a brake problem we would watch and see if it braked to hard to little etc. It also helps that were I worked there are cameras at every angle of the ride and could actually see a branch on a track and hopefully stop it on the lift or block before it's to late. Six flags does need to improve having their operators have a full complete view of the ride through cameras of some sort.
  3. In my opinion Six flags just pulled a great and professional operation. They cleared a full vallied train with one whole vehicle hanging freely in just about two hours. Lets remember that they were not in a easy to reach place. Lets also keep in mind that they acted quickly and even had emergency lights up before sun down. Mother nature is probably to blame as poor Ninja was just the outcome of mother nature. We cant blame anyone until someone confirms what exactly happened. Mother nature is sometimes unpredictable even if that tree happened to be tested the day before doesn't mean it'll be strong the fallowing day. Kudos six flags maintenance team and firefighters for an excellent evacuation!
  4. Hahaha their commentary I swear. "This will be the sketchy car since the uhhhh..... Rail gripper thing is hanging."
  5. Was I just blind or was Techno Power not there? I was pretty upset when I couldn't find it, I hope it had nothing to do with the accident with it last year. ^ As long as you can handle the rides the wristband days are by for the cheapest and most enjoyable route to go!
  6. Were you talking about the Starflyer planned for on top of the Sky Tower and the Aquatrax? Whoops. Come on man, the survey said to keep this stuff confidential....
  7. ^ Same here, It would make TPR look bad if someone says something as there are quite a few active supervisors that browse TPR.
  8. Heres the upadte on Pirate Reef! It' really going together fast.
  9. I think it it will be done on time, they are moving along at a great pace! They have the whole drop track up as well as the turn around now they just need the bottom portion track and the lift! Ill grab a pick to marrow as it actually is a lot bigger then I originally imagined.
  10. The new ride is looking great so far and is larger then I originally anticipated. The peak of the lift is 30ft while the drop is 25ft. Boats are modled after the old school shoot the chute boats. Each boat will carry 20 people and the ride can run two boats at once. Some of the track for the drop is now in place.
  11. Very cool thread, can't wait to see more! The control panels are the most exciting part of a roller coaster for me.
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