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Legoland California Discussion Thread

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I too went yesterday, and also will post some thoughts about the area.



Episode 5: Hoth


This was the least impressive area of them all, with too much open space, I feel it would have been better if they'd do a half area as Hoth, and a half area as The Cloud City. Overall, the models in this area were good, and featured all the key elements from that battle.


Episode 4: Tatooine


Tatooine was very interesting, and had lots to look at and find. it does indeed feature the Mos Eisley Cantina, and when pressing a button, the band plays and moves to the music. This area has a very impressive Millennium Falcon Model, and lots of Storm Troopers.


Episode Three: Mustfar and Kashyyk


This area I have mixed feelings about. The Kashyyk area was great, while all the Mustfar area has going for it was Anakin and Obi-wan dueling, and the facility in the back ground...not much else. The Kashyyk area had a giant clone turbo tank, with a rotating turret, and the beach battle from ep. 3.


Episode Two: Geonosis


Another very impressive battle scene. What makes this one so great is one of the drop ships can rise up about a foot in the air on a pole, with Yoda commanding the clones to take him back to the base, and the giant colosseum.


Episode One: Naboo


This area features the Gungan's Battle Against the Droids, Obi-wan's battle against Darth Maul, and Anakins ship. The Naboo fortressis huge, and has a great water feature. Anakin's ship rises up and spins as well.


The Clone Wars: Christophsis


WOW by far, this was the best area for me! The center model, this area contains a great interaction scene. The guns of the droids ships turn and fire, and wherever they hit, smoke steams from. The model also feature Anakin on top of a giant droid, and a large Christophsis building.


Episode 6: Endor


The second best area, this features the imperial outpost, along with the rebels raiding it. The imperial shuttle sits on the landing pad. The second half of the Endor area features the Ewok village in the trees, and the battle agains the stormtroopers down below.


Final Thoughts:


This is a great new area for miniland, and much larger than I had expected in to be. I think this was a great new addition to the park, and hope to see the effects stay on and not be removed after 3 months.

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CARLSBAD, Calif. -- Stormtroopers, X-wing fighter pilots, Jedi and bounty hunters descended on Legoland California Thursday for the opening of a new "Star Wars" exhibit in Miniland.

More than 1.5 million Lego bricks were used to build miniature versions of places in a galaxy far, far away, including six scenes from the "Star Wars" movies and one from the animated television program "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."


Source link


I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but this looks absolutely incredible. This is the 1 park in California I haven't been to.

Looks like I need to make a visit.

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Went out to the park today, seems all kinds of surprises awaited me...



Construction Update of Legoland California on: 6-25-11.


Changes to note (in video):


Several small construction projects have sprung up around Legoland, one replacing the seasonal "Raptor Splash" water ballon upcharge. It appears as if RS is being replaced by some kind of games booth, seeing as the sign and construction point to such a thing.


The other construction project is in Land Of Adventure, replacing the temporrary ladder climb game. Very little was shown as to what it may be so stay tuned.


Changes to note (not in video):


-Aquazone Wave Racers had an extensive rehab and now has new lego figures on the queue facade, as well as a new sign.


-The immense mound of dirt behind Pirate Shores has slowly been taken away and leveled out. While Legoland has announced nothing for 2012 as of now, the waterpark's first major expansion is expected to come soon. This could also be for a future Legoland addition. As of now, it is dirt.


-The singing rocks, a Legoland Classic, have returned in a new location after a four year break. Their original location was destoryed to make way for Wild Woods Golf upcharge attraction in early 2007.

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^ I'm really ticked that I wasn't around for that...


Anyway, this weekend is going to be packed, but I'm going out to the park to check out the Ninjago Spinjutzu Tour.


Apparently it's a tournament using the Ninjago sets that were released earlier this year. They include tops so the Lego Figures can duel.


It's been a very long time since they've hosted an event like this on such a busy weekend but hey, it's getting me out to the park!

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Went to the park around 2 o'clock today, completely deserted:


Technic: 5x

Dragon: 3x

Splash Battle: 2x

Treasure Falls: 1x

Coastersaurus: 1x


I also got around to uploading...




Last weekend Legoland hosted a special event themed to their popular set series Ninjago.


I went out and braved the labor day crowds to check out the event for myself.


Overall it was pretty nice, the SHowplace Theater was showing the Ninjago Cartoon Series during the day, there was a scavenger hunt in Miniland for a prize set, and there was a Pagoda & Tournament area set up on the Miniland Grass.


Apparently this tour started in CN at the beginning of the summer, and has been working it's way west for three months. This was the last stop on the tour.


I apologize for getting these pics up so late.


What do we have here?


I guess I'm in the right place.


The pagoda style tent they had set up was actually pretty nicely themed, inside and outside.


And of course, being Labor Day weekend, there was a huge crowd waiting to get in.


We'll be back there in a minute.


They had several of these giant Ninjago figures set up around the area.


I dare!


Another one of the many figures set up.


Nearly there.


The pagoda entrance.


So inside the Pagoda there's a foggy entrance with four different paths to choose from. As you reach the end of each pth, you are given a wristband that corresponds to the theme of the path you took, ie. Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth. You then took a right and entered a Dojo-esque room where you were shown a short three minute film about the Ninjago characters.


A model in a glass case outside the tent on the other side in the "training ground".


Backside of the tent.


Here they had a few tables set up where you built your spinners w/ the people. I'll have a video up later to show the area in better detail.


The second area is where you "tested" your spinner against other players and a on mock-up Fortess.


Then finally area three was where you actually dueled against other people. They had several tornado-shaped arenas set up on this stage.


My figure on one of the un-used arenas.


A closer look at the stage.


The crowds never let up.


Thanks Legoland for putting on such a cool little event! The kids around me seemed to absolutely love it!

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Just thought I'd mention that the Legoland Brick Or Treat weekends will be starting this weekend and will feature fireworks as well as many other halloween activities around the park.


One thing I noticed that I'm not sure they had in the past was that The Brick or Treat weekends will be a seperate admission for those who do not have a season pass (I'm lucky I do). The event will be from 5-9 every weekend till Halloween.


This might actually lower the crowds a bit so hopefully I'll get one of those insanely amazing night rides on Knight's Tournament. Frankly any ride at legoland after dark is pretty interesting because of the way the park has low-to-the-ground lighting that doesn't normally illuminate the rides very much.

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While I was unable to attend Brick or Treat this past weekend, I did end up visiting the park on Monday.


Brick Or Treat has expanded now that it is a separate evening upcharge. There are now two seperate Brick or Treat Trails, one in the original Enchanted Walk area, and now a new one located above the model builder building in Miniland, which used to be the home of the now removed Lego Art area.


In addition to the two trails, there are now all kinds of additional decorations and props set up all around the park that have not been there in years past. I applaud Legoland for adding a bit more flare to their events. (possibly to compete with Disney?)


Pirate Shores was down for it's rehab it appeared, and Treasure Falls had a line that went out the entrance in the afternoon.


Lost Kingdom Adventure's cars seemed to have been rehabbed recently, as they were the most accurate I've ever seen them! I got a score of exactly 999 points .


Overall I had a good time.

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Interesting move to make Brick or Treat an upcharge. With the added $$$ the can afford to expand the event. Wonder it it will bother some people that they have to get a second ticket or will they just skip coming in the day and come at night?

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Brick or treat is not a up charge. A day admission to the park will give you acces to brick or treat. There is a discounted ticket for Brick or treat if you show up after 5pm for only 25-30 dollars. Also the the trail on top of the model shop building was there last year as well as the one in sea life.


For brick or treat the park does not close and reopen so the people inside get to stay inside. If you show up to the park after 4pm your tickets are only $30-25.

On saturdays the West side of the park closes at 6pm Leaving the east side and miniland open till 9pm.

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