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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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California's Great America may be adding a Windseeker in 2014 or later. It will take the spot of the former Invertigo site. If this rumor ends up being true, I think it would be a nice addition to the park even if it is a smaller model compared to the others.

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Kingda Ka has magnetic fins at the top that slow the train down before it descends.


I'm still not sure how I fell about those. At times, it can be a pretty drastic slowdown, which makes it feel a bit "off". That said, I did get a ride in 2011 where the brake caught pretty hard and it made for a killer hang before the drop.


What if TTD and KK had some type of brake or catching device for the drop so that when you crest the hill and are ready to drop the train stops for a few seconds. Just an idea but it would be cool, nothing like looking straight down over 400ft.


Sky Rocket has something like that. There's a brake at the top of the top hat that almost stops the train hanging over the vertical drop. It's not 400+ feet, but it was pretty cool.

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^Nope. TTD flies over the top pretty often, too. Part of the reason for the brake on Kingda Ka might be something Larry Chikola was telling us about at the FREDxGCII event a few months ago - TTD was built with an engine that performs under what it should (that's why it rolls back much more often than KK does), while KK was built with one that can perform over what is necessary. Those brakes might be there in the event of an overshoot (didn't they purposely overshoot the TPR guys at SFGAdv day last year? They FLEW over the top in that video!)

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Top hat that's actually a zero g roll so you go upside down as well as being flat at the top.


So like a the top half of the non-inverting loop from Rip Ride Rocket attached to the bottom half of a top hat? :b


I imagine he's thinking something along the lines of a 720° roll where you roll once up into a top hat, then roll again as you exit down.

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If there is a Mt. Olympus Discussion Thread, please tell me. I rode Hades early in the summer and I didn't know what to expect, I heard it was rough, fun, and many different things. Hades could really use the RMC Iron Horse treatment, I don't know if they could do the treatment with the steel supports. But I would definetly go back if that happened to Hades.

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How unfeasible would a vertical cable lift-hill be? Imagine going straight up at like 15 miles an hour. Sure would scare the hell out of people.


With today's technology, incredibly easy. All you'd have to do is just play around with the pulleys so that you get a 90 degree turn instead of a 45 degree one or so, and increase the wattage of the motor by a good deal and you would be okay. Personally, however, my preferences would be with train mounted LSM's. It may or may not require more power but at least it's more simple from a mechanical standpoint.


EDIT: This can also be done with a normal chain lift motor, except the motor would have to be a lot more powerful because of all that extra metal being the chain.

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