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The Rumor / Crazy Idea Superthread

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I've always wondered this ever since Formula Rossa was built, and maybe someone can figure it out and answer it. This is a theoretical and hypothetical question, never mind about feasibility, cost, space required, etc. Say FR kept the current launch, but the rest of the layout was a TTD/KK clone. What would be the theoretical height of the tophat in which FR, traveling at 149 MPH, could clear? Is that speed enough for 500+ feet, or would it need to go faster?


Nerd Time:


To clear the top hat (to take into account air resistance and wind speed) the speed at the top of the top hat is about v = 25 m/s

u= 149 mph = 65 m/s

a = - 10 m/s/s


v^2 = u^2 + 2 a s


s = (v^2 - u^2) / (2 a) = 180m


Which is 590 feet!

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I thought the one in Skyline park was a bit brutal, especially when it picked you up to lower you down again. But the ride was still pure fun, and I'm not sure this one will be.


But it still nice to see something else than an SLC cloned in China.

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If you look at their website, it's pretty hilarious. The names that they give their rides are interesting. It's like they aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are ripping off these rides. Check out this page: http://www.china-sbl.com/eng/ProductInfo.aspx?m=20120801130251077488&n=20120905102851077622 It's for their SLC knock-off, but what's that on the top of the page? Oh, it's a Premier Spaghetti Bowl. Interesting choice...

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But it still nice to see something else than an SLC cloned in China.


They've done knock offs of Mauer-Sohne spinning mouse coasters Arrow loop screws, and even "Spider-man" type rides, too.

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