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Guilty Pleasures


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Wow lol.


Mine would probably be, staying on the computer from the moment i get up til i sleep unless i have football practice or church. Got to practice alot sometimes but if it makes me better and more like Brady, heck id do it 24/7. And a side note, Football is my life just about other then riding coasters.

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Whenever I get into a relatively new or nice car with leather interior, I always try to get a big whiff of that "new car smell." It's nice.


I love the "new car smell." I don't know how people are able to keep that smell in their car. Don't they have an air freshener that has that smell?


Yes. They make a "new leather" smell air freshener. It'll make the car smell brand new.


I love the smell of parking garages...hot rubber and exhaust.


I also love school buses!



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Listening to actually good, listenable CDs of theme park music in the house, during the day while on computer or reading, cooking, etc.



(Currently listening to Project Euro Mir from Europa Park right now.)

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