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Guilty Pleasures


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^I don't get that show or why anyone else watches it. For me, I'm not that into the mystics or spirits or anything like that so that's why I don't like that show.


I like Drake and Josh (well, actually just Josh). I like how Drake is pretty much the only trendy character on TV. I feel sorry for Drake and Josh whenever they get pwned by their sister (her name escapes me).

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^^ Avatar was probably the second best Nicktoon I've ever IMO. I'm not gonna lie. Its also very popular on sites like ToonZone and it does have a large following. It had great storyline, great characters, and the action scenes were epic, especially the final one...


I'd be more embarrassed to say that I watch Disney sitcoms when nobody is looking, and actually enjoy them...

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Perforated edges


As a child, my house would get the "please join us, we need money" packages from Columbia House. Inside them, up until around 2000 or so, was a giant sheet of stamp like pictures of each movie (or cd) you could pick. To me, those days when they came in the mail were like Christmas. To this day I love junk mail just for the for the simply joy of tearing a perforated edge.

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I second Animal Crossing... I've had City Folk since its release, and have only missed the 5 days of visiting my town, which I was on a cruise... I need a life...


Other guilty pleasures include:

The occasional viewing of adult films

peanut butter sandwiches

video games in general

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