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  1. The one thing that seemed a bit strange to me was while in the sub when Hugo asked Jack about Sayid, and Jack said "There is no Sayid". Just an odd way to put it if you ask me, who knows, maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  2. In case anyone hasn't heard Hurler is not opening until mid-May (my guess is for some track work). But, what I can't understand is why Shockwave is closed until the 17th. http://www.kingsdominion.com/attractions/category.cfm?ac_id=13
  3. If you look at the seat directly behind the one I circled in the I305 picture, it does not appear to have the thick bar part.
  4. ^ I'll post a few larger images of I305's restraints and Fahrenheit's restraints. Notice the areas on the restraints I circled. On Fahrenheit, the restraint does not directly connect to the train, but sort of curves to connect with the head rest. On I305 it appears the restraint directly connects to the head rest rather than making a curved shape. Image Credit: coasterimage.com
  5. Here is a side by side comparison, as you can see there is a bit of a difference between I305, Maverick, and Fahrenheit's restraints particularly in the way the actual restraints are connected to the seats. From left to right... Maverick, Fahrenheit, and I305
  6. ^ It really is amazing how much taller I305 is than the rest of the skyline (especially Anaconda, which is no small coaster itself).
  7. ^ On Opening day, it will be hauling major ACE(rs), then it will really fly through the transitions.
  8. ^I don't think it would work out very well. First off, you couldn't change the divisions up very much because of the different time zones in the United States (i.e. you couldn't have a west coast team traveling across the country to play an east coast team 9 times per year and vice-versa). Perhaps, if they made minor changes that would just switch teams who were somewhat close to the other teams in the division it could work out. I think a better idea would be to reduce the number of times division teams match up per year, maybe from 18 to 10.
  9. Both were obviously photo-shopped imo. Now, since this has been taken care of, can we get back to talking about gravy splashdowns and the station looking like Mickey D's?
  10. First Park: Six Flags America (they open 6 days before Kings Dominion) First Coaster: Roar or perhaps Mind Eraser First New Park: Canada's Wonderland sometime this summer First New Coaster of 2010: Intimidator 305 First Food Bought: Hamburger from Johnny Rockets
  11. I'm quite surprised NBC aired the video of the crash. Hopefully, they can find some kind of padding to place on the wall (or whatever it was) the guy slammed into after he shot off of the sled.
  12. ^ I rode it in 1996, I didn't mind it, though it certainly was no where near one of my favorite coasters. I would compare it to Anaconda (KD) now as far as roughness goes. Basically, Griffonluv, if you don't like Anaconda, you wouldn't have liked Drachen Fire. One of my friends says he rode it shortly before they closed it for good, and the roughness was unbearable. But, when I rode it, I had no problems with the roughness.
  13. I'm not sure its really a matter of keeping them a secret. Based on how half-hearted the blog and photo gallery have been maintained over the months of construction; I think the trains weren't unloaded yet from the crates so they said screw it and just snapped a quick photo... You're probably right. I guess we'll see in the next few days if they really are doing this to agonize coaster enthusiasts, or they need to unload the trains before they take a picture of them. It has been two days since those pictures were taken, I would've thought they would have got new pics uploaded by now, maybe John Pagel has not gotten back down to the construction site yet.
  14. Firstly "what a dingus?" LOL! dude your saying in Belgian."What a stuff?" Why do I blame food network for learning this? Damn you, Bobby Flay! Anyway, they don't want us to see the trains because they are a new design by Intamin that hover over the track and require NO restraints at all (good news for ACErs). Perhaps, they may even blindfold everyone during the ride to shield us "coaster enthusiasts" from the awesomeness these Swiss hovertrains will deliver.
  15. I'm surprised at all of the effort KD is putting into keeping these trains a secret.
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