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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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A fast and furious night ride on Boardwalk Bullet. Full train, relentless speeds, airtime just about everywhere you could hope for, and nothing but a quick view of water and then a tangled mess of supports to feast my eyes upon from the back row. And it was even smooth, I mean, uh, not rough!


Oh, wait. I went to SFOT for the weekend. That's right, it was actually NTAG. (I just wanted an excuse to compliment Boardwalk Bullet too.)

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Winjas Fear - Phantasialand.


I visited with my brother and 2 friends. 1 of my friends felt a bit sick, so he didn't join us on the last ride. The lightest person of my group, my brother, sat alone facing forward, while my friend and I faced backwards. I still can barely believe how much we were spinning. Even throughout the large helix we kept on spinning.

And we thought we already got proper spinning on the 2 rides before that.

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