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  1. Does anyone know if we will be receiving a slingshot in 2015 along with the expansion, or will it come in 2016 or 2017? I know Cedar Point and Carowinds have one. Sorry if we already discussed this.
  2. You people think I'm lying!? If two teenage boys think it's okay to spit on people at parks, they deserve to be kicked out. I wasn't just going to let them get away with that kind of behavior. Security listened to me and agreed with me that what they did was wrong. There is no reason they should spit on people on rides, and then get away with it to probably go do it again.
  3. Have you ever been spit on while riding a roller coaster? Once, I was riding Renegade and these two little boys thought it would be funny to spit on the ride. Hit me in the face 3 times! So I kept my eye on them and when I got off I ran after them, caught them, and grabbed them. I brought them ALL the way to the front gate and told security. Their parents had to come and pick them up.
  4. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't Cedar Fair take this $15M Dive coaster and put it in a park that needs it. Like, umm idk VALLEYFAIR?
  5. I drove past Valleyfair on the way back from my aunts house late Christmas Eve night, the sky was lit up from city lights, and I just love the way wild thing looks from the road.
  6. This really needs to happen. The amount of space it would open up is massive. They could easily transform the front gate and the whole front of the park. Also, they could easily fit a B&M Invert along with the new gate.
  7. ^He's not looking to be the center of attention, he's just sharing with us the things Mr. Frazier tells him, and probably just trying to pass time over the off season since there really isn't much to talk or speculate about.
  8. April...rain? What could April mean. Something happened in April that has to do with 2016? Teasing will start in April? It can't be announced in April, nothing ever gets announced during that month.
  9. ^ That's what I meant when I said that I would love to see a winter POV of Wild Thing, but someone said that's impossible because the trains were taken off. So there is still one on, and it could be because they are going to film a POV before winter.
  10. Who else wants to see a POV of Wild Thing with the snow on the tracks?! That would be awesome!
  11. The Renegade POV is up on Valleyfair's YouTube. It is quite shaky unfortunately though, but it's still better than any other Renegade POV out there.
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