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  1. I'm hoping for the best, but then again I'm a Caps fan.
  2. It rides no differently this year as it has all others, that trim has always been there and it's always been the same every year, with this year being no exception.
  3. Nothing is ridiculous if you believe in yourself and your team. If Ovechkin wants the win that bad he'll come out playing hard and his team will be right there with him. Its a game 7, momentum and home ice can all be thrown out the door, whoever wants it more will win and we will see who that is tonight. With that said, best of luck to both teams tonight, it will be a great game.
  4. It's very clever I have to admit, but it won't matter when all is said and done and the caps are moving on to the next round.
  5. I'll join on Saturday, I'm gonna finish out one more war with the clan I'm in right now.
  6. Nats got Gio on the mound, good luck getting through him
  7. Interesting topic, but I'm in. A-Days 1. AP Calculus AB LS/CT: Pretty much a third period where we can go to whatever class we want. 5. Advanced Band 7. AP Physics C 9. Mixed Ensemble: This is actually indoor drumline which we practice for after school but they put it on the schedule because we get a grade for it. B-Days 2. AP US Government 4. AP Lit 6. Basic Tech Drawing: I wanted to have a class to relax on this day. 8. STEM Engineering
  8. Well now that we know what we have for 2015, is it safe to start speculating 2016.
  9. Does this mean yet another coaster, how many would that make?
  10. About the entire Skyrush thing, it really just depends on what a person considers ejector air. For instance, insane ejector to one person could mean floater to another.
  11. After being there on Sunday I too can confirm that the hill we are speaking of gave more of a strong floater, not the insane air people are talking about.
  12. The ending on Skyrush felt slow to me also, but for me it was raining almost the entire day and was in the high 60's.
  13. So I visited the park yesterday on August 3rd and I'm gonna tell you guys all my thoughts on the rides. I'm going to try to keep it short and simple becasue I know how much people hate to read. Lightning Racer was closed and I didn't bother going on small coasters. Fahrenheit - (x1) 8/10: This was the first thing I rode when the park opened and it was a relatively fun coaster with nothing that made it stand out to me. Also lots of rattle in the cobra roll. Storm Runner - (x6) 9/10: Nobody was at this ride all day so I got a lot of rides in. The front row on this ride was the place to be, it delivered everything I want in a coaster in just a short amount of time. Great Bear - (x3) 7/10: So short, much smooth, wow. Sooperdooperlooper - (x1) 6/10: Great and ultra smooth classic looping awesome little Schwarzkopf coaster. Wildcat - (x2) 6/10: Seats were very padded so the roughness didn't bother me much. It also had a very interesting layout which I liked. Skyrush - (x4) 9/10: I'll go in depth on this one. This is not a top 5 coaster for me for 2 reasons. I know what you guys are thinking right now, but restraints were not a problem for me. (1) The shape of the first drop - About halfway down the drop I consistently got shot into the restraint painfully no matter where I was sitting, which completely ruined the first drop for me. (2) Whenever the ride wasn't giving extreme airtime it was rattle heaven, it felt like I was sitting in a vibrating chaired turned on max level, it was not very enjoyable. I think I was slightly spoiled by I-305 though, if I had ridden Skyrush before I-305 my top 5 might've looked a lot different right now.
  14. Intamin delivers in containers so it most likely isnt an intamin, maybe B&M contracted carowinds track to the steel fabrication plant in Italy.
  15. I just got back from the park and I totally agree about the ride staff, they were generally lacking in almost everything they were doing and luckily it wasn't that crowded. I'll post a full trip report later.
  16. Well some of the track isnt 97 years old because I think some of it has been rebuilt, although it might be only the final helix that was put back in when six flags acquired it.
  17. Hi guys, I just wanted to know what Hersheypark's general rain policy is since it appears my day at the park will have rain fall at some point? Thanks in advance.
  18. Intamin used LIMs on Volcano at Kings Dominion which is generally the same concept of using magnets to propel the train forward and it has one of the most powerful launches of any coaster that I've been on. So I definitely think it is possible to use LSMs to launch a coaster at a high rate of acceleration and speed. It's most likely just easier for Intamin because their trains weigh much less than those of B&M, but as stated above, it really only matters how much power the park is willing to put into just one coaster.
  19. This park always seemed so abused by six flags that I was surprised it wasn't one of the parks they got rid of back in 2007.
  20. Let's be honest, this ride is probably not going to be that marketable. I doubt it would draw in as many people as they want it to.
  21. Put me in for not having a problem with roar also, it does have a pretty cool layout.
  22. I'll probably be doing Carolina Crown next summer.
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