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  1. Which universal park would you guys say has better non roller coaster rides?
  2. It is not possible. I was there 2 weeks ago for a trip. Unfortunately, you have to wait in the regular line. I was there the last hour of opening on Sunday which closed at around 8pm. I got on Insane, Twister, Jetline, and Fritt Fall, in that order. Insane was the longest line of all of them due to it being the main inverting thrill attraction and the low capacity. Jetline and Twister both were nearly walk-on. Sadly, I didn't have time for Kvasten or Vilda Musen because they shut down the lines 10 minutes before closing to ensure everybody is out of the park. I had quite a dissapointingly short visit, but it was all the time I had in my trip and those rides were small, but all pack quite the punch in their own ways! But it's possible to ride as a single person right? Like I don't necessarily need a single rider line, I just want to ride.
  3. I'm visiting stockholm for a few days, is it possible to ride jetline and twister as a single rider?
  4. Hi all! This is my very first TR, so bear with me. Getting There We flew from Pittsburgh, to Atlanta, to orlando. Landed in MCO around 9. Thought the hotel within the airport was a really cool idea. I was not ready for the florida heat!! In Pittsburgh it can reach 90+, but not much humidity. We stayed at B Resort, which was near Downtown Disney. The hotel looks very modern and new, loved it. Day 1 - magic kingdom We got at Disney world around 11:30, and after parking, and the shuttle etc, we were officially in the park at noon. We stayed until about 7 or so. I rode big thunder mountain twice, space mountain twice, and a few other rides like haunted mansion. Big thunder railroad - cool small little coaster, has some nice sharp turns, and the ride is quite long. Unfortunately for my brother and I, we would've ridden it three times, but in our first attempt, after 50 min of waiting in line, and being 2 min from getting in the car, the ride had to stop operation due to possible lightning. After another 50 min of waiting, we gave up and just left. Besides that, the queue and ride are very well themed Space mountain - great ride, loved the sharp dips and turns. Waited 10minutes with a fastpass and 80 min without one (ouch). But a great coaster After Disney we ate at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney, Baja chicken wrap was great, everyone liked their food. Day 2 - Islands of adventure Loved this park, very cool theming. Rode hulk 3 times, dragon challenge 4 times, and flight of hippogriff once. Hulk - great coaster, loved the 7 inversions, the ride wasn't too rough, but VERY loud, could hear it all the way from the city walk! Especially the drop when you go into the misters is deafening. Waited 30 min for front row seats with my brother. After that, 30 min single rider for 7th row, and 10 min single rider for last row. Overall loved this coaster Dragon challenge - loved the force of fire, ice was good too. Rode both twice. Wait was never over 20 min, And front row was close to 30 min. This was my first ever suspended coaster! Loved it. Hippogriff- kiddie coaster, short but fun And that's it! I definitely liked universal more than Disney, but my 7 year old sister had to experience Disney world.
  5. Oh ok thanks for all the advice!!!! And oops sorry still relatively new here!
  6. Hi all! Tomorrow, my family of 5 (including me) will be visiting IOA for sure. The question is, is it worth it to get the 2 park ticket and go to universal studios orlando? And for my brother and me, who plan on going on all the rides, is the unlimited fastpass worth it? I'm not familiar with what kind of lines can form so any help would be very appreciated. Also if you have any general advice about the parks please let me know! thanks!!
  7. First off, if you are getting into Orlando "around 8:30pm", there is NO WAY you are making it to MK by 9pm. I wouldn't bother at all. I was just at the park last night, actually, from 9pm - Midnight and everything was still 45min - 90min waits. This is summer you're talking about, it's not like the rides are walk-ons, even at night! As for your other two park days, it really doesn't matter which day you hit either of them on. I would recommend getting Express Passes and Quick Queue if you only have one day at each. Ok thanks for all the advice!!!! Also one last quick question, are there any rollercoasters at BGT/IOA where it does matter where you sit? Thanks!!
  8. Hi all! I need some advice. I will be in the Orlando/Tampa area from wednesday-saturday. I'll get in around 8:30 pm on wednesday. I'm traveling with my family, 5 of us total. I have a few questions. Is 9PM-12AM enough for Magic Kingdom on a weekday? Then, I have 2 full days, and I want to hit Islands of Adventure and Busch gardens. Which one should I do on thursday/friday? Is there a way to work the parks? (back to front?) Thanks all!!
  9. Jack rabbit's double dip Phantom's revenge 2nd drop
  10. Why does the bay area have 2 major theme parks, being SFDK and CGA? I really don't think this area needs and even deserves TWO parks while major cities much bigger than the bay area still do not have real theme parks, such as Houston, Phoenix, and Miami. I honestly feel bad for Houston. 3rd biggest city in US, still no rollercoasters to be ridden.
  11. Henderson, NV Mayne Phoenix Lisbon, portugal definitely Munich, Germany Seattle, WA Portland, OR Denver, CO Houston, TX Memphis, TN Miami, FL Maybe cancún? Maybe anchorage or Juneau?
  12. Phantoms revenge at kennywood has a pretty bad view
  13. I'm going to be going to D.C from July 18-July 21, 2 full days. Which theme park should I go to, that's within 2 hours of DC? Also, I'll be going to NYC in early august, for 3 days. Which theme parks should i visit, within 90 miles of Manhattan? Thanks!!!!!
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