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  1. While at kennywood i heard a guy in line for Phantom tell his wife that a tall guy once got his head cut off when they went underneath the Thunderbolt. I almost died laughing
  2. My 75th coaster was Grizzly last weekend at Kings Dominion.
  3. I see M in the first picture, M in the second picture, I in the third picture, and X in the last. MMIX is 2009 in Roman numerals. So i predict a new ride for 2009. I also see a Rattlesnake in the third picture, and what seems to be a Black Stallion in the second. Maybe Rattlesnake is closing in 2009? I don't know what might happen to black stallion though.
  4. Revolution-Bobbejaanland Vekoma Family Boomerang
  5. Phantoms Revenge ravine drop or Banshee's first drop.
  6. This is the most I've been excited for an announcement since Banshee
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