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Congrats to Robb and Elissa


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In one of those ultra-rare times that I'm totally serious, I want to say congrats to both of you, and I know that you two will be great parents, the sort that any child would be very lucky to have.


Having said that, I, of course, will do my best to turn this kid on to the joys of metal. It's never too early to give a child their first Opeth CD...



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I would be happy for you guys, but you announced it with a "Yup...".









On a serious note:


-Congrats to you three! (Robb, Elissa, and Kidtums...because I think "getting born" is worth a congrats!)

-Elissa, your seriously awesome. Pretty much.

-To think I found out in a McDonalds...now I'm nervous every time they take me to McDonalds......which is quite often!

-Uncle Jahan is here to partake in the usual Uncle duties of humoring the kid with the telling horribly outdated jokes.



Love* you two...




*In an entirely heterosexual, non-fanboyish way.




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Wow, I wasn't expecting this sort of news lol. Congratulations to the both of you Robb and Elissa. I know you guys will be excellent parents.


-To think I found out in a McDonalds...now I'm nervous every time they take me to McDonalds......which is quite often!


Why are you nervous about them taking you to McDonalds now? Are you scared they're going to practice the sex talk with you?

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Yeah, we did plan all this out pretty well so I could do stuff this past summer, then still make it for openings of the 'new for 2007' stuff! Come on, would you expect anything different from us?


It was hard watching everyone ride all the coasters in Florida this past weekend, but I got to ride awesome attractions like: Great Movie Ride, Livin with the Land, and get soaked on One Fish Two Fish!


Reed, See ya next spring for Magical Beginnings!

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Congratulations Robb + Elissa!


I mentioned this pregnancy possibility a few weeks ago, when Robb bumped a 4 month old "Drywall" thread that highlighted "They're building a nursery" (I was told by Robb that I read to much into the post)


Wow another Alvey is going to make a Grand Entrance into the World! With a couple of parents like Robb and Elissa, this baby is destine for a truely amazing life.


Not to mention that this new "slightly smaller" version of Robb and Elissa will be fortunate to already have a Sister and Brother (Bethany + Dallas), waiting to show their new sibling the Alvey ways..... (Coasters, Video Games, World Travel, and of course tasty tasty Plain Pasta)

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So Robb have you figured out how to convert the lipstick cam to a birth POV cam?

Yup. Already got the lighting and everything sorted out!


--Robb "Sped up it will look a lot like Kanonen." Alvey


Best comment in here yet.


Here's hoping that this thread will be the unprecedented one to outdo the CP 2007 thread for most fanboys congealing in one area.


P.S. Regarding the Kanonen comment: Pray for no rollback.

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