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Congrats to Robb and Elissa


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I have been suspicious for a while (I have had about 6 pregnant Women in my family recently) And Elissa not riding any thrill rides is kinda odd


But I am happy for you guys. Kids add such Joy and insanity to ones life. and I wish you guys all the luck with your new baby.


What is the due date? are ya'll going to find out the sex?


ENJOY this free time and sleep


once again Congrats



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Many congratulations guys, and best of luck with everything!!


Jow, you still have a fair few inches advantage over Elissa there (talking about waist-size ONLY), and as Nicole points out, you will always have twice as many boobs as any woman here. Maybe your belly is some kind of sympathy-pregnancy...

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Congratssssss!!!! A new baby is always a blessing!!!! Im really happy for you guys. OMG after this I think that I really have to meet you guys at Cozumel!!!!


And for all exceptics Elissa confirmed it on the "Florida trip" thread


And to some of you in this thread, I only have one word...Yup. Feel free to start a new thread if you really care. This one is all about our psycho Florida trip!


Again Felicidades por el nuevo bebe Alvey!!!!


or ???? what do u think?

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