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Congrats to Robb and Elissa


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Wow, at first I was really skeptic, because I was trying to think of how y'all were gonna balance a 1 bedroom apartment, takin park trips everywhere like once a week, and now 3 kids. Then I started reading into all the treads and everything, and I was like "Holy crap she really IS pregnant!" Elissa you and Robb must have this planning-everything-out stuff down to an art. My hats off to the processes y'all make to make sure everything goes right



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I knew this day would come! You can't be married for 3 years and not EVENTUALLY have at least one offspring. Congratulations and good luck to you, Mr. and Mrs. Alvey.

-Good luck to Elissa for:

* Birth

* Being a mom

* Other stuff


-Good luck to Robb for:

*Becoming a daddy!

*Other stuff as well

Hope it all works out well!

Also, have you thought of his/her name yet?


--Davon "no effin' way" Dorsey


P.S. You have to find a way to have the members involved with the baby. If you want of course...

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Oh wow thanks for that Eric...

Sorry if my post doesn't make sense.

What I'm trying to say is that after 3 years, it is a tad late to have a baby now. But I do undertsand why.

And I still congratulate you both!



--Davon "let's just stick with that" Dorsey

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Well then why don't we just forget how long they've been married?!?!

You're all so hurtful!

Lol j/k, kinda...




--Davon "sorry if I'm being kind of a pest. I feel I am sometimes too..." Dorsey

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^Just don't take pictures of your wife's uterus, and you'll be fine.


I've never had kids, nor have I ever been married, nor am I anywhere close to being married, but I think it's good to wait a couple years. Having kids is a big deal, and it's good to have a strong, solid marriage before you do it. My parents waited three years before they had me, and now they've been married for 26 years. But who cares what I think.

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