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Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Discussion Thread

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This is definitely great news as I was just in awe when watching the film and am such transformers fan. In opinion it looks like this could definitely end up being the new technology as outline http://www.vekoma.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=35&Itemid=30. At least I am hoping because I think that this concept has plenty of potential as it creates more depth for a variety of experiences especially if immersed in a 3D environment.


Hmm, that's interesting in light of the announcement today that Vekoma is building "a signature attraction in one of the largest theme parks to open in Southeast Asia in 2010"



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This could be good in Orlando. Since Disney now owns Marvel, US could transform Marvel Island into a Si-Fi themed area. Spiderman, its a good ride but they could update it to Transformers, Hulk could become Battlestar Gallatica, Dr Doom could be themed to another movie. they could really make a cool Land from this.

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I'd be perfectly happy if they ditched ET at USF, and put in Transformers.


No. Just no. Orlando isn't getting Transformers, but if we did, there's plenty of space behind Simpsons to put it. They don't need to go closing classic attractions.

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^ Agreed, ET is awesome, and I have only been on Florida's Mummy, and after hearing bad reviews of ours I wish we just got ET back. Also, ET's has a damn awesome line.(Indy is the best and dueling dragons is second, but we had express passes so I missed a lot of DD line theming) ET is an awesome dark ride, although its not nearly as awesome as MIB or Cat in the hat(IMO) but it is good. Universal, Disney, and Busch are the only American parks that that can build decent dark rides. (there are a few exceptions though)

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Backdraft will be closing on Sunday.


From the USH Annual Pass website

Members can experience the heat of Backdraft before it closes its doors on Sunday, April 11th. This attraction has entertained guests from around the world for years, providing memorable experiences and amazing effects.


The Special Effects Stage will also be closing on April 11th and will be moved to another location inside the park. Please check back soon for details on the new location and opening date.

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Just a quick update...


Construction is already very much underway for Transformers. The area has been walled off, scaffolding is up all around the building, all signage (and the video screen that used to be at the end of the Lower Lot) has been removed, and pieces of the building (mainly HVAC stuff on the roofs) have already started coming down.


In the mean time, the park has introduced a new show down on the lower lot: The Character Bash. Basically a mini version of Beetlejuice's Rockin Revue: some famous monster characters come out and dance, then more characters come out and dance, and then the "street sweep" dancers close out the show.


At this time, there is no official word on whether the ride will still open in 2011.


A portion of the construction wall has received a "themed" overlay.

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I'm apart of those who is not expecting this to be ready by 2011 at all. Of course as soon as the spring breaks had ended they really started working on stage 30 and 32 really fast so I think universal is still trying to make the summer of 2011 deadline.

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I went to Universal Studios Hollywood today with my brother and dad. Overall, awesome day. However, when we went over to Backdraft and Special Effects Stages (my brother had never been on SES), they were closed. I knew they were building Transformers: The Ride, but I knew nothing about the starting date of construction. Well... they've started!



Random Bumblebee snapshot!! (this is what happens when you're 15, it's 4:21 AM, and you're a little slap happy)

^ Also, I find it awkward that they put his license plate on his crotch...



AND as we were walking to the escalator... I found something!





Did the video go too fast for Robb's old hag eyes to see? Well, here it is again. Now Robb, go take your pills and eat your pudding.

Could Robb tell me more about this? (or was this too long ago for him to remember?)


Hope you enjoyed this "update"! (and the small smack talk to Robb )

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Hey there, we actually have a thread all about the Transformers ride, so let's try and keep everything in there.



Whoops. Sorry. I guess I'll just move everything there!

*EDIT* Oooohh snap. You already moved everything to where it needed to go. You sly dog! Haha.


It's the steel company. Awesome coincidence though.

Oh. Very!

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On April 11, 2010, Backdraft and the Special Effects Stage at Universal Studios Hollywood closed forever to make way for a new attraction based on the live action Transformers film series. At this point, construction is still in its early stages, but I figured to post what there is.




Looks like they're going to do some serious remodeling of the outside of the building.


Here is the construction wall featuring Bumblebee and Ravage!


The Transformers logo appears to be in the color of the upcoming (hopefully good) third movie!


Here is another shot of Bumblebee!


Here is another shot of Ravage with half of the Nest logo behind him!


Looks like the roof is getting some work done! I wonder what it could be for?


Hopefully the ride will be nothing like this..........


..........and instead be a lot like this!

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3-D technology has certainly come a long way since Spiderman first hit the park scene. With the right touch, this new Transformers ride could be something really impressive, and gain the same kind of headlines and national attention that Spiderman did.

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