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Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Discussion Thread

P. 119: Super Nintendo World opening February 17th, 2023!

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^ Reading comprehension fail. The rumor was saying Disney would pay Universal for the Marvel property theme park rights. Universal has a perpetual agreement with Marvel for using their characters at IOA, so the rumor was that Disney would buy these rights (and Universal would have to retheme Marvel Island).


It has nothing to do with Disney taking over Universal.

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^Understandable though, as it wasn't spelled out as well as it could be. But yes, that was about a rights purchase, not the entire park chain.


Universal Hollywood would benefit from reinvestment. As a proven IP with the design work in the can for Forbidden Journey, Harry Potter makes sense. There's no reason at all to duplicate Orlando's clumsy retheme of Dueling Dragons or the incorporation of an preexisting family coaster.

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This discussion is getting to the point where it belongs in the rumor super thread...


To get the thread back on topic, it is very much worth noting that Universal's intention with this plan is to "throw sh*t against the wall to see what sticks." Nothing about this is anywhere even remotely close to finalized to the point where we should be discussing how awesome Harry Potter would be in Water World/Gibson Amphitheater's spot. They simply wanted to get the approval process started now, so the "red tape" is gone by the time it is time to re-develop the studio.


Also, T2 is NOT part of this plan. And removing the Amphitheater is listed only as being an option in the event they do decide to replace it with the smaller venue (which would be behind where the iFly place is now). I personally don't see them removing the Amphitheater unless the Nokia Theater manages to take all their business.

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If the rumors are true, the village + Forbidden Journey while looking nice is still not that much in terms of a world. As it is now, WWoHP here at IOA is a tad boring as it is a lot of facades and shops with 2 rides re-purposed and a nice new dark ride. Gutting the other attractions that were already there from IOA's WWoHP would be a bit underwhelming, no?



It might be boring but it sure is successful in bringing in the customers.

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Or if your so against Harry Potter then maybe another property of equal success and cultural impact. Which the Simpsons do not have

The Simpsons didn't have as much success or cultural impact as Harry Potter? Are you kidding?


I didn't mean it that way. They already have a ride in a different area of the park (and there really inst any room to make a full Simpsons "land" in that area). Thats why I ruled it out, not that it didn't have an impact.

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What I don't understand is why can't they leave USH as a studio and then find another suitable location for a major Uni Park like Island of Adventure in another location without as many restrictions, I don't see where it's required the park be a second gate.


Just like legoland put a park in Carlsbad who would of thought of a park going in Carlsbad, but it worked.

Heck they could build the largest Island of Adventure on the planet right here in Riverside county all the open dead space this place has around it, it's in between LA and San Diego the population is here and it would give people another option of having to drive down to Diego or dealing with LA/ orange county traffic. With all the open space here they could build a Happy Potter city not just a land lol


I don't know there the pros I'm not

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Theme Park Review was once again invited to the Media day for the ever-growing Grinchmas event at Universal Studios Hollywood.


The event runs December 11th, 12th, and daily from December 18th thru January 2nd. Grinchmas will feature nightly tree-lighting ceremonies, celebrity readings of "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" and encounters with Whoville characters and fresh snow.


In addition to visiting the Whoville set on the Studio Tram tour, Guests will also pay a special visit to the Grinch's Lair, where they will find themselves on a quest to help the Grinch and Max the Dog return the stolen gifts to Whoville.


Many people will be surprised to learn that the expanded Grinchmas area now resides in the entire blue print of the old western stunt show arena.


Welcome to Grinchmas 2010 at Universal Studios Hollywood!



The entire western stunt show facade is gone! As is one of the sides of the old west street.


The Grinch and Max the Dog say "chchcchcheeeelllooooooo".


One half the the arena.


This is where the western facade once stood.


Look it's Dan's future wife, Molly! Even the reporter dude digs Molly! Back off, Dan saw her first!


The kick-off of the Grinchmas event.


"Come see us staring this weekend!"


The Whoville set will host a 2-3 minute tram show stop during Grinchmas.


Work is almost complete on the "Grinch Lair" overlay of the Mummy spinning tunnel.




One last look. Thank you again to USH, for inviting us to join in the festivities!

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What!!!!!! Your news crews still run with a separate sound operator. I don't get that luxury, I have to do the sound and film when out with a reporter. Guess the cutbacks haven't reached the US camera crews yet.



Yay for news crews using sound guys. Its the same here in dubai as well, thankfully.


To be geeky, cant believe that he is dual micing her for a news standup. Yay



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Nice report; had NO IDEA they'd grinched out the spinning tunnel tram deal.


(And just for the record, no matter what they're calling it these days, that tunnel is REALLY the "Six Million Dollar Man Secret of Bigfoot Episode Ice Cave Tunnel" and always will be.)

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