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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Sooo, this pretty much confirms that there will be something new next year.blog post


Q: That wasn't the announcement, was it?

A: A coaster closure of any kind, at any park, is a big deal. Especially here. So yes, that's a major announcement. Food for thought - we never said it was a 2015 announcement.


Or, could still be something this year?

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Some incomplete thoughts.


Spill the beans... Coffee... Coffee beans? Is there a correlation there? LOL


Baseball field.. Do they feel like they've got a home run on their hands?


Floor references definitely make me think he's pointing to Floorless.....



That's all I got.... You're welcome

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What?! Cedar Point lost to Europa Park in the Golden Ticket Awards. Am I seeing things?

From what I've heard, Europa Parks is definitely deserving of the award. It is shocking that Cedar Point didn't win, but it is about time that a different park won. I'm not trying to bash Cedar Point though because it is a great park.

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^It isn't shocking that Cedar Point lost if you ever been to Europa. I'm a huge Cedar Point fan but Europa is up there with Disney/Universal in quality/theme/food/ride experience if not above in some cases.

I didn't mean I was shocked as in Europa didn't deserve to win, I meant that I was shocked that the voters (who seem to be in absolute love with CP and MF) actually voted for a different park.


Are the full results out yet?

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Given Europa's huge jump last year I assumed they would take it this year.


As far as the steel coaster list goes most of it is just hilariously bad. Diamondback, Nitro, Goliath, Apollo and Leviathan are all on the list and I305 and Maverick aren't? The list is a B&M fest and they didn't even include the best B&M rides... Kumba and Nemesis for example are nowhere to be found. I guess the good news is that Magnum XL 200 isn't on this list any more.


As far as Millennium Force goes it may not be a popular opinion with enthusiasts but it's my favorite coaster so I'm happy to see that win even if these awards are totally screwy. It's important to note however that while it's my favorite coaster I haven't been on any of the awesome Intamin rides outside the US that always find themselves near the top of the Mitch Hawker poll.

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So CP didn't win the Golden Ticket this year? It's about time. There have been quite a few years where I didn't feel it deserved it since the last few years of Kinzel's reign the park had seen quite a downward slide. Made me think he stuffed the ballots.


Congrats to Europa Park. Based on the many TPR trip reports it's a park that truly deserves it.

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As an over all experience, even through Cedar Point has over ratted coaster, I personally don't find myself getting bored as easily compared to other parks I have been to.


I have never been to Knoebels, or Europa-Park, but from what I hear they seem to offer an outstanding over all experience. I don't think coasters are the only play on this award.

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