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  1. Every time you do a Tokyo DisneySea TR, I wish I could be there! That place looks like curry popcorn with two helpings of awesomesauce and a side of loaded cheesy fries! I probably won't ever get to go there myself, but the next best thing is seeing it here! Great TR !
  2. Great TR Adam! I love seeing people's first time visiting Cedar Point! The Cedar Downs is actually older than you think; It opened at Cedar Point in 1967, but it originally opened at the now very long defunct Euclid Beach in 1921: http://carouselhistory.com/oh-cedar-fair-cedar-downs-1921-prior-church/
  3. Does anyone know if those Cedar Point CoasterDynamix NanoCoasters are only available in the park? Searching for them online, including on CD's and CP's websites, I cannot find them.
  4. I’m popping my cherry June 1st and probably the Sunday thereafter. I’d love this. Please provide more info. Thanks! it's in the History Museum in Frontier Town (over near Skyhawk). When you go in, mention to the folks at the counter that it's your first Visit, and they gave me this (attached). . . . don't go in just to ask for a button tho, as Adam says, the museum is FULL of interesting history from CP (when I was there last year, one could get a photo op in Gemini train too for it's anniversary, not sure if that's still set up tho). I've spent many an hour in there waiting for the rain to pass! So many things to look at. And it now houses the only Mean Streak in its original form! (the model )
  5. What, they don't babysit your phone while you go ride coasters and stuff?
  6. Forget the roller coasters, what is to become of the majestic space shuttle? That is REAL, right?
  7. I think the very best name, given the location in northern ohio, and the track color, is RUST STREAK
  8. We have next to NO idea what the ride is going to be like, and we're already complaining about the track between the station and lift? Seriously?!?! Boy, I can't wait to read all the complaints after the official announcement.
  9. For what it's worth, all of the RMC "conversion" projects thus far have used i-box track, and the coasters using topper track have been new builds. While not definitive proof in any way, it does set up the precedent that suggests this will be i-box all the way. And besides, what does it matter if the ride loses its "wood" classification? It's just a meaningless statistic that the general public does not care about. I'm just happy that Cedar Point is getting an RMC!
  10. Based on it's fancy new name I assume it's going to Canada's Wonderland ... that joke would have been so much better if Cedar Fair owned La Ronde good one.
  11. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the source, but I do remember analyzing the exact statement. See if you can spot the difference between what was said, and what many people seem to have heard: "[Plans for the future of Frontier Town] will be announced after the closing of Mean Streak on September 16th." vs "[Plans for the future of Frontier Town] will be announced, after the closing of Mean Streak, on September 16th." Similarly: "A Panda eats shoots and leaves." Or "A Panda eats, shoots, and leaves" If I said I wasn't hoping for an announcement today, that would be a lie. However, I am patient enough to wait until the announcement is made, and not twist my underwear in a bunch until then.
  12. Kinda funny, while you were at Cedar Point on Tuesday, we were at Waldameer! The original plan was to go to CP, but it didn't make much sense for my 6 months pregnant wife to pay admission to not ride anything. Had we gone to CP, I wonder if we would've ran into you!
  13. Don't you mean it gets you ready to go? Sorry. Great TR, thanks for sharing!
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