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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I must say that the grey looks very good too


Guys, I've got a few questions about Cedar Point. I'll be going to the park around the 19th of August this summer, and I want to get as many rides as possible on any coaster. I was wondering if there's a good order in which I have a good chance of riding almost all coasters in 1 day. I will stay at the camper village, so I guess I'll be able to ride the ride that're early open (because of the 1hr earlier opening of the park), right?


Already thanks a ton!



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^How long will it be before you make it back to the park after this year?


Seeing as it will be August, the park will be packed (not as much as if it were a weekend, but still packed). Your best chance at getting onto as many majors in one day as possible, I'd recommend getting Fast Lane or Fast Lane PLUS. Fast Lane PLUS includes GateKeeper & Top Thrill Dragster. GateKeeper is part of Early Entry (which you will get for staying at Camper Village), Top Thrill Dragster is not. I'd say maybe purchase a regular Fast Lane and ride GateKeeper during Early Entry and then ride the major rides/rollercoasters as you come across them? (remember, not all of them have Fast Lane so ride them as deemed fit per posted wait times). If you have regular Fast Lane, then Dragster will be your longest wait of the day, but you should be able to squeeze it in.


Remember, this is all of estimates, who knows what GateKeeper will do with the other lines in the park. I can't give you a definitive "strategy" or anything like that because it is an entire realm of unknown with a large and high capacity coaster like that opening up near the front of the park.


Enjoy your trip though and have fun!

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YOur Best bet will to get fast pass to do all the rides in one day with out killing your self. If not like they said get to gatekeeper first thing. But what i did last year was start at mavrick then over to mf, then get in line for ttd as the park opens then you have the three big rides out of the way. Wicked twister line is short most of the time but this year with gatekeepers the line may get longer. Raptors line is super short right before closing. Magnum i never wait more then 35 min.

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At least Gatekeeper's station feels sturdy. The one over X-Flight feels temporary and looks if a strong wind would just blow it off.


Cedar Point isn't known for their flashy, themed stations, but I do have to say, it's very open with the raised roof. Same thing with the exit gift shop. The high ceiling in there makes it feel less claustrophobic, like some gifts shops can feel.


The buildings around the front entrance are looking great though. I have a feeling some people are going to say that it looks like plywood for siding, but that's the kind of design that I feel is more modern and is "trending" in the design world.


I really can't wait to see all of this in person! As of right now, it doesn't even look like you're walking into Cedar Point, looks like a completely different park. If it wasn't for the existing rides sticking out in the background, I would of said, "what amusement park is this?"

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If you look at the station picture, it looks like the inside isn't a finished color. There are some scratches and such on some of the walls inside, so I'm hoping they at least brighten up the colors a bit rather than grey. I'm sure that will make the station a bit more pleasing rather than just a shed on the beach.

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There's only one train on the track. They have been moving it forward and backward, from the transfer to the station and back.


Can't fit both trains in the station at once, and I do not see the second one anywhere else on the circuit. If you look closely at the maintenance area, you can see the second train sitting there.

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