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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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All I can say that with the new addition of Gatekeeper that it should reduce the time I have to wait to ride the other coasters in Cedar Point because everybody is going to be in line to ride Gatekeeper ( Of course, that is the theory, but I do remember when Top Thrill Dragster opened up I thought the line to the Millennium Force would lighten up, but it didn't). I rode X-flight in Six Flags Great America and thought the ride was exciting and real smooth, so I'm sure that Gatekeeper will top that ( it already tops X-flight by have two keyhole inversions) and keep Cedar Point as America's Roller Coast!!!



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It looks fantastic, and I have no doubt it'll end up being better than The Swarm at Thorpe Park which is a pretty average coaster.


I have yet to get over to America at all, but I really need to get it sorted and organise a trip to Cedar Point, there's just so many of their coasters that really appeal to me.

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Not sure on the shorter lines at the other popular coasters because of GK, but GK will always have more people in line than Disaster Transport, Wildcat, and Space Spiral had in line combined, plus! So maybe that will help the other lines some!



Will have, Gatekeeper already has more people in line that Disaster Transport, Wildcat, and Space Spiral


How long does the park keep the lights on at night once the park is open?

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The pictures are awesome and some of them looks exactly like the promotionnal rendering ! However, the keyholes would have been much better without the disapointing gap (even if it has a great effect on the entrance). I guess nothing can be perfect, altough Gatekeeper is close to it !

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It will never look that new again. I also thought that the two halves of the keyholes would be touching, they have a large gap between them now; what's going on with that?


It's apparently a maintenance thing.

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