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  1. Seems like they invited anyone who would like to be there..... be there, witness history, celebration plaza 9pm. 8-18-15 The personally invited guests who received media teaser will probably get a meal and other event related stuff
  2. they are farther ahead than you think..... if you think about how much work they had to do for GateKeeper after they closed Disaster Transport at the end of July 2012.
  3. ^ They already make too many available to purchase per day.
  4. Cedar Point's Slingshot is always $25. The park also seems to be pushing people through the lines faster now, compared to the beginning of the season where they didn't start checking restraints until the station was empty of guests from the train that just came in. That seems to have been fixed, Rougarou was bad when they did that, plus GateKeeper which is a people eater, was stacking 3 trains consistently while trying that method out. Glad its gone now!
  5. If Cedar Point is one of the parks you are visiting, KI has a park combo ticket for $64.99 on their website.
  6. Ask again at check in. You would think they would work with you.
  7. I have these on my cheapo sunglasses that i wear in the parks. Never had a problem with them falling off or even feeling like they would fall off. Worry free riding! Just snug them up before you get on the ride and you will be good to go!
  8. Looks like a great ride! Just may have to make the 8 hour drive to check it out, plus the woodies that i have been wanting to ride since forever!
  9. I agree with this. Plus they can go for some more "est's" for the ride type to market. They have to know they have a gem sitting back there whenever they want to pull the trigger for RMC to come work their magic. Shut it down early, it is an isolated ride so work could be done during the operating season.
  10. If those red dorms are coming down as well...figure the amount of time it will take to clear all that mess as well....site prep etc. The earlier you get started on a project, the better!
  11. From what i remember reading, the hotel renovations were paid for with the money from the selling of the waterparks in California.
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