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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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My impressions? It's a great ride. It's not terrifying at all, but plenty of oohs and aahs. Good air, fast, and fun. 9.5 / 10.

If you can't find a way to enjoy this ride, you really need to see your psychiatrist to get some antidepressants. There's fun for everyone.

Sound kind of what I expected. The Cedar Point version of California Screamin.


Which is honestly a GOOD thing. I love that ride!


--Robb "Thanks for the review!" Alvey

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^ haux cleared both of those up on the last page.



Has anyone seen what those water jets they were talking about?
The water jets aren't on, but there are three of them in the lagoon next to the turn after the hill following the launch.


There is a water cannon that shoots over the canyon.


Some more no maverick in photo shots... Hmm, something is wrong here...

Nothing's wrong. That's just two ride hosts walking down Snake River Falls' lift. A ride host sits up there. They must have been relieving someone. One's probably the team leader.


And a question for those that rode it, how were the headchoppers? Especially the one out of the tunnel.

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You guys are something else.

It does not matter how fast or slow the train was going. The system should not have let two trains get near each other.

The system failed. Period.


Only way it could have been human error is if maint had it on maint or manual mode and that would never be done with passengers on board.

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I didn't notice the headchoppers at all. The ride is so quick, it was hard to notice them. I'll pay more attention tomorrow.


Actually, coming out of the tunnel, I noticed more my collar hitting the restraint than the headchopper. Haha.

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And a question for those that rode it, how were the headchoppers? Especially the one out of the tunnel.


*very* choppy.

That having been said -- the restraints are *very* comfortable.

It's not like the brake run of Raptor if you are unbraced.

Repeated rides will probably let one prepare for it more, but I was not troubled at all by any of the choptastic action.

(and now I see why the "Remove your earrings" sign exists.)



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Magnum can overshoot the first set of brakes easily. They're short, and the train flies into them. It had been raining all day, so they were wet. With a train in the station and a train stacked in the transfer track, if the third train overshoots those brakes, it'll hit.


I think Cedar Point might have to do what Kings Island did a few years ago and add some magnetic brakes to that brake run.


Keep the air brakes toward the end, but the magnetic brakes will slow the train down no matter what the conditions are; rain, high speed. With magnetic brakes slowing the train, the air brakes can safely stop the train every time.

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Of course it doesn't help that the coaster never hits "perfect intervals" i.e. you never come directly into the station at the end of the ride and instead get parked- at least when there are 3 trains running- same with Mantis actually.


Side Note: Anyone ever see Mantis when it stops on the mid-course breaks- when it releases it barely makes the rest of the circuit!


Not to be-little the accident but going to a two-train operation is not going to slow things down too much- when the trains are backed up to out of the station on every cycle removing a train is not going to slow things down too much it may add like an extra 10-30 seconds per cycle is all and in addition with MF, Mav, TopThrillDragQueen, and SkyHawk all pulling in major wait-times the queues have been non-existant at Magnum the past 3 times I was at the point (okay Mav wasn't open but still Maggie was walk-on two times and the line was at the stairs the other time).

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For those who don't know, I believe the three water effects that were not running were the water cannons. This other one that goes over the canyon isn't exactly a water canyon.


I was at CP this thursday and they were testing the water cannons. The lagoon wasn't filled, but I had seen these same water cannons before. They have a loud noise and shoot water up a good 20 feet at least. They were working on timing them, but they were still terribly off. The first two went off way too late, and the third was just a little bit behind the train.


I'm so bummed that the ride opened two days after I was there. I cam home that night, and noticed Cedar Point had posted that Maverick would be opening Saturday. Chances are I won't make it back there again this year.

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Im still waiting for a decent video to come out. The ones on YouTube just don't cut it


What Are those videos because the only pov's i could find were animated And the others were testing footage.


Please post links!


A few on YouTube of testing, no POV's


- Heartline Roll:

- Testing Video:

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