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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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All they really need to do now is paint that tunnel! It kind of sticks out.


I think they should of added rock formation around the tunnel so it looks like you shooting out of a side of a hill of rock. Then have that one part where it goes back over the tunnel be a small quick tunnel through the rock formation aswell.

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Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

So basically there were about as many rides open as there would be in peak season with 15 mph winds.

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My friends officially missed this ride by only 10 days!! I can't wait for an official review of it!


I still can't believe CP had replace the pieces of track and got everything ready for opening in just two weeks.


Great job Cedar Point!!!

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I was there a week ago... I feel like I really missed out. Looks like I'll have to leave Florida again and head up north this summer!


The only bad thing about that... Flying into Cleveland... That place really SUCKS!

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Funny you should post... I saw at least a few stickers saying "Ride Tested by TheParks.it" on various ride supports last weekend.
I noticed those too. What a bunch of idiots.


I'm psyched about riding! Tomorrow!


On one of Raptor's air gates.


In line for Dragster.

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yea, it is. i'm surprised cedarpoint allowed that to go on. anyways, cedarpoint was to allow public entrance to maverick in early june. i see they are quite early on their timing. i'm still excited to ride this in june.

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I don't know if I should say this or not but my friends had put all those stickers for me because they know that I'll be at Cedar Point in August!


I've heard that there's one on Millennium Force's blue train between the front seats!!!

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^ Ummm...that's TOTALLY not cool. Your friends defaced the the park. That's really really really dumb. Hopefully the stickers are easily removable.


And seriously..how dumb do you have to be to put the URL of the website on them? Think how easy it would be for Cedar Fair to go after you guys now. You're basically admitting that your idiot friends broke park rules.


Seriously, though...NOT cool behavior at all. It's breaking park rules, which is a big TPR no-no.

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^ Uh..yea, bad move putting the URL on. Thats like taking out someones car windows and leaving a note "I had a bad day, your car suffered for it! ###-###-#### (< phone number) Hopefully it wasnt like they had a huge roll and they slapped one on everything they saw...


really though...bad move

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Well, as of 9:07 EST, Maverick is officially open!


EDIT: Actually, scratch that, it looks like it's pouring there now and supposed to do the same tomorrow and most of next week. Oh well.

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I've been watching the CP Maverick cam this morning for signs of operation & it looks like a rider-filled train entered the pre-launch track. After a rather lengthy period of time (most-likely an opening ceremony), the train appeared on the nearest portion of track. Obviously, this is all an educated guess as the CP cam refreshes every 60 seconds. I'm sure that people who were actually there can tell us how it all went down. BTW: the time stamp is actually 8 minutes fast & I auto-corrected the pics coz it was overcast with the rain that may or may not have been falling at this time.


First GP ride almost completed?


Train moves backward a bit...


Maverick's first GP filled train?!?

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