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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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On site reports are saying the train blew past the last brake run and hit the next train in the transfer brake. I have ridden this ride 1,000 times. Coming into the transfer brake isn't that fast, but it would sting a bit to stop that quickly.

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Am I the only one here who thinks that its a waste of power/space/money to have a launch up to 70 mph and immediately brake the train?


Just make the launch 50 mph, which would give you space for an extra block in the launch, preventing lift hill rollbacks.


Also, less power would be used on the launch, the brakes would not need to be installed (saves money), and there would be airtime on the hill following the launch.

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Oh no! Thank God no one was severely injured, but that certainly is not good.


The same thing happened on The Big One the year it opened. A much bigger media deal was made because there were more injuries, as well as it being a brand new ride.


I wonder if this will hinder Magnum's near-perfect three train operation.


Again, i'm very glad no one was seriously hurt. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this soon.

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Oh no, my favorite coaster! At least nobody was seriously injured. Didn't something like this happen on the Thunderbolt at Kennywood a few years ago? I remember that one train was parked at the station and another crashed into it. I think there were a lot more injuries on that, though.

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^ Yeah. Taken from Wikipedia:


"In 1999, there was an accident on the Thunderbolt when the operators failed to brake the car coming into the station and it collided with the car being loaded. Thirty people were injured in the crash. After the accident the headlights on the cars were removed partially due to the fact that the electrical system did not hold up well to the vibration of the cars."

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I rode Maverick today. Here's a quick review:


It's fun. Really fun. But it's not the best ride in the park.

You don't get off saying, "Wow! That was freaking amazing!" It's more like, "Wow. That was super fun. Want to ride again?"


I rode in the back row, and the first drop is crazy. You're out of your seat and back in it in an instant. You can tell you go beyond 90 degrees.


The lift hill itself is cool. You fly up there in no time. It's probably as fast as Millennium Force's, maybe faster. It also rolls back sometimes. A train in front of me rolled back. It does so slowly.


The rest of the ride is really speedy, and you bump your collar (shoulders, head, neck, whatever) a lot because the transitions are so quick. The canyons are fun. There's good airtime once you hit the top and start exiting the airtime hill.



The twisted horseshoe roll is smooth and perfectly heartlined. You hardly move sideways at all.


The launch is taken immediately. There's no stop, and you hardly slow down. You hit the brakes, coast forward, then you're off. The effects in the tunnel are cool. There are lots of light effects. The smoke was not on.


The turn out of the tunnel is really quick, and you fly out of the tiny hole. The brakes catch you, and you drop to the right. I caught a tiny bit of airtime off the drop, but it's cut back because of the brakes.


The S-curve is hardly noticeable. There's a water cannon that shoots above you right as you exit the S-curve. Your picture also is taken there.


The turn under the first drop is immediate, and before you know it, you're in the Stengel dive. It's super fast and feels pretty cool. There's some airtime in the hill afterward, and you turn into the brakes.


Wow. It's really cool. I'm not sure if it'll really be that good to marathon because you'd get a bruised neck or collar. But you could try it and probably learn how to take the quick transitions.


So that's my quick review. 8.5/10.


Has anyone seen what those water jets they were talking about?
The water jets aren't on, but there are three of them in the lagoon next to the turn after the hill following the launch.


There is a water cannon that shoots over the canyon.


Some more no maverick in photo shots... Hmm, something is wrong here...

Nothing's wrong. That's just two ride hosts walking down Snake River Falls' lift. A ride host sits up there. They must have been relieving someone. One's probably the team leader.

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Apparently the front of one train and back of the other are in pretty bad shape. At least, the fiberglass shells. I'm not sure about the chassis. They have the two trains in the transfer track, and the third is at the base of the lift. The two trains involved are covered with tarps. I took pictures.


The back car of the other train.


The front car. It looks off somehow, but it's hard to tell with it covered.


People looking at the trains.

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Hey this reminds me of something they show on rollercoaster specials sometimes about a wooden coaster way back when that slid back down the lift hill into the station below while others were boarding. They only show the aftermath, and if i remember correctly show tv footage of someone being interviewed that was in the station. I believe it was in black and white. Anyone remember?


But yeah, this kinda thing is nothing to get worked up about. Happens probably at least once a year somewhere in the US.

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Wasn't there a similar accident on S:RoS at SFNE a few years back?


Yah, half of the magnetic brakes failed and the trains smashed together at 20 miles per hour.


On topic, it would suck to have it down or even to have 2 of the trains down for the rest of the season. It's the one of the best rides there. It's a good thing no one was hurt.


Also, who bets that this was because the ride is sinking?

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I waited a little more than an hour, but I got there just after 9 a.m. I doubt it had a four- or five-hour wait. The entire queue was filled, and they were running pretty quickly. It might have been more like two hours.


And "morbosity friendly" it is not. I saw two people get kicked off because they were too big. I guess they didn't check the test seat.

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