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  1. Wow, hands down the best Halloweekends photos I have ever seen. Thanks for posting these. I won't be able to make it this year, but your pictures satisfy greatly. Much appreciated! josh
  2. Thanks for the TR! Love the sunset and lightning photos. Great shots!!
  3. ^^ Well done TR 2012jarrett. Love the details and the photos. Perfectly done. Sucks about the wind at Cedar Point. Wind and rain can really bring the park to its knees for some reason. The park is huge on safety first. I guess that's a good thing. I can't believe Millie valleyed. It must have been pretty cold and windy!
  4. Awesome TR. Pictures are amazing. It's almost like I'm there. Thanks! I really like the picture of the Wild Mouse with the boats in the background. I don't know why I just like that photo. zombies??? hmm.
  5. Thanks for the updates my wife and two daughters are looking to cruise soon. Your updates are very appreciated. I really like this ship. Love the updates. Oasis has a webcam, where's your webcam ??? !!! http://www.allureoftheseas.com/web-cam.php josh
  6. Erik, thanks again for another great TR! I echo your thoughts. Wild Adventures is a great little clean, friendly, park. I feel like it's a hidden gem. It has high standards without being a overblown, overpriced, too busy, tourist trap. The tress are going to do wonders for the heat. Shade is so nice to have in a park. I liked the new Tiger Show as well. The Aaron Radatz show was really funny, especially the banana routine . I really like his humor and magic combination. Probably one of the best performers I have seen at an amusement park. I saw him in Laughlin, Nevada and he brought the house down. Great TR as usually! josh
  7. Yeah the last shot for sure got hit with a slower shutter speed and you were moving on top of it. There were plenty of rock solid shots here, but there were a couple (not many) where I know your camera is good enough to have made those sharp sharp sharp... dscn0649_107.jpg "Once we were done with our Griffon ERT, we headed to Alpengiest." & dscn0696_638.jpg "It had to be taken." I think the camera also chose a slower shutter speed (due to low light) which causes the slightest streak in the pixels. Those shots I think (if memory serves) had hand rails near by. Set the camera on that and snap. I know it's hard to find places to put the camera when you are on the move. But when you see that "money shot" look around and see what you can put the camera on and hold it tight to take the picture. Low light and shadowy conditions force the camera to open the shutter for a tad bit longer to make exposure. But motion blur occurs. Remember at night, turn the flash off and put the camera on top of a garbage can pointed at a ride. If you haven't done this, it will be fun.. Take care ! Good stuff man josh
  8. Great TR. Photos are amazing. The close ups are very juicy..!! I really enjoyed the shots on top of Griffin. You are going to do some great coaster photography in your time. Remember keep that camera rock steady to prevent motion blur, which will look like out of focus. I use garbage cans, fence posts, anything I can "lock" the camera down to and fire the shutter. Do this at night too, you will be really impressed. Thank you for this post, very in depth, informative and was worth every second you spent. josh
  9. I just got mine as well !!! Thanks !! Very cool stuff. Lots of little surprises !!
  10. Alright KidTums !! She'll be addicted for life now.... My 1st was Corkscrew at Cedar Point. I don't have a cool #1 photo of it. Kaligirl wins the Caption Contest hands down.
  11. CAPTION CONTEST....What I want to know is why the green animal in the back is so happy ? There is more to the story here...
  12. On site reports are saying the train blew past the last brake run and hit the next train in the transfer brake. I have ridden this ride 1,000 times. Coming into the transfer brake isn't that fast, but it would sting a bit to stop that quickly.
  13. I am soo happy for you guys !!! Seeing your pictures reminds me of when our little Chloe came home, she is 6 years old now.... Take lots of pictures (I don't have to tell you guys that) they grow up so fast, it's absolutley amazing.... Have fun, can't wait to meet her. Joshua
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