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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I just drove through Yolo County, CA today and couldn't help but laugh the whole way. I'll definitely have to get some pictures on the way home.

I'll be driving through it tomorrow on my way to SFDK, everytime I pass by the county limits sign I can't help think of SFMM, so I made a really quick MS Paint of the sign with a slight change..


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^ A friend of mines posted pics on Facebook today where the only difference I saw were more supports were added, by the looks of it the supports were for the track after it exits the loop.


I was also told today was PACKED due to Physics Day, anyone else go today?

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Someone posted this photo today of the Superman line. I HOPE they were running both sides, because that's insane. That's how long it was opening day...


I'm heading out there tomorrow (haha I'm 5 minutes away, not exactly heading out) for the Riddler ERT. Once nice is you are in the park early, so you can ride Riddler a few times and then go to the ride of your choice to be the first one on just before 10:30.


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Update on Full Throttle

Quite a busy day (Physics Day) at the Mountain here are a few notes and pictures


2 trains - Batman, Colossus, Goliath, Ninja, Revolution, Riddler, Tatsu, Viper, X-2

1-train Apocalypse, Gold rusher, Scream, SEFK one train one side


For the first time in a long time at least from what I've seen Tatsu actually ran with two stations for the majority of the day, but ran one station in the morning and ran one station for the last few hours prior to closing you knew two stations wouldn't last long on Tatsu


The 2013 maps are out nothing really to see other than a new coaster


Both trains on x-2 actually had audio working!!


Photos from March 16, 2013


Nice day for an update on Full Throttle


Hello Mr. Crane


Dive down into the tunnel


Sweep over the Superman Plaza


Sweep into the snake dive


About 10 to 12 feet or so


More supports are up


I hope they repaint the Superman logo



TAKE THE TUNNEL (twice) both forwards and backwards after the cool dive of course




Look at those curves


An overview of the progress


Look at that line shame they were only running one side, oh and there's some track too


Lots of supports, the only supports left are the two towers for the loop and a few other odds and ends


More track


Transfer track


From the ground


Supports for the loop and launch


I wonder what this attaches too


Height perspective compared to Tatsu


So with that I leave you with these final two shots


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One cool thing about this new ride is it's hard to tell what height things are (Revolution was famous for that!). I'm just wondering what height the top of the dive loop (or flying lizard roll or whatever it is) is. And the heights relative to each other. You know your a real coaster geek when... For example, they always said Revolution's loop was 90', but the loop itself is only around 53' (the standard Schwarzkopf loop vertical diameter) but it's up on a pedestal, and the pedestal is already up the hill a bit. Then of course, you wonder how everything relates to the 114' tall lift hill, and how high up is the station, and how big are the drops? Yeah, total nerd stuff.

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