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  1. I agree. I'm into all the little details of roller coasters...Even though this is way over my head.
  2. It looked hideous because of the ties it used? Seriously, do people really care that much about what the track looks like when they ride a coaster? Just curious. In all honesty dude. Do you really think the general pubic cares about much of what we say? We are here for a reason. If people what to post on a roller coaster subject. Please let them.
  3. I come here for the jokes and the knowledge and you TPR people have both.
  4. From what Knott's network is reporting... They are going closer to opening windseeker.
  5. This is a new feature of Magic Mountains news letter. I doubt if anything we ask will change how they operate their park... but we can still ask. http://content.sixflags.com/news/magicmountain/ask-six-flags?fb_comment_id=fbc_490209577696619_5076545_492329487484628#f3bffe7f1faaae
  6. As what was already posted. If you bought 4 thrill passes your thrill pass will be upgraded for free to a gold pass if you bought and Process them before Jan 07th. They now see that they have too many people so if you already brought the passes before Jan 07th, You now have until Jan 27th to get the free upgrade. I'm also not defending this, Simply reporting the new date to process up to a free gold.
  7. I went to the park yesterday. I went on X2 first and they said it was only running one train. From a view from Viper later in the day I could see the line was too long for X2 to go on again. Apocalypse was one train and the wait was 50 min. Ninja was one train but there were no lines. Goldrusher was one train but no lines and Revolution was one train but no lines. They were working on the new ride site on both the east side as well as the west side on the hill. Most rides lines were little wait to no wait. I may go again next week as I got a gold pass and they are saying they are having an early entry for gold season pass holders beginning next year. I enjoy Disneyland for what it is. I enjoy Knott's berry farm for what it is. But I love thrill rides and that what I love about Magic Mountain.
  8. I agree. I never take the trams so it doesn't bother me. But I do feel bad for people with kids and strollers.
  9. Windseeker is closed until Feb. 1. They announced a date? I thought it was a wait and see sort of thing. That's just a date they listed at their site. As soon as Feb gets near they'll post another date.
  10. I don't know people seemed to show up in hoards. Traveling around like large groups of zombies and messing up lines by trying to get the whole groups onto the same roller coaster.
  11. It will actually probably be pretty busy. Well I tell you if today was any indication of what might be ahead for Friday's crowd ... it will be crowded. Today (Thurs Thanksgiving Day) crowd came early ... nice quite crowd but more crowded then Mon, Tues & Wed combined. Yea. I was there Today (thanksgivings). I was surprised it was so busy.
  12. Yes you did. I was planning on going to the park that day...But when I read your warning I changed my mind.
  13. I rode ghost rider 6 times in a row today, just to see if it's possible. It is possible to let your body memorize the course and go with all the bumps and make it ridable. But you have to be willing to put in the time to learn the whole course.
  14. I can ride it two times in a row. but three times in a row is just too rough.
  15. I agree. I'm looking forward to a new light show area. Also I've been following the coaster guy for awhile and he is really up on his Magic Mountain information.
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