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  1. ^ Well no because its simply speculation and rumor. That's exactly how I treat Iron Colossus its rumor and nothing more. It's all based on speculation and assumption. Until there's evidence or confirmation, iron Colossus is simply speculation and rumor.
  2. The original side would not be that popular when you have a better version right next to it. Even if the other side simply received topper track the new i-box side would be far more popular.
  3. Both the op's and a pre-recorded message tell them not to pull down the lap bar but people still pull them down. The one thing the park doesn't do is remove people from the train.
  4. ^Line could get shorter later in the day. Here's a small update ^Update time No one else wants to get in early. 2nd train of the day and no line! This was probably the longest Full Throttle's line was all day X2's line after opening. The ride opened about 15-30 min. after the park opened thus no lines on practically every other ride in the park. Tatsu had no line and was running much faster than the last time I rode it. Nothing to report on the exterior. Inside though most of the interior is being removed. I wonder if the park will demolish or remodel the former Log Jammer station considering Mooseburger Lodge right next door is getting a remodel. Over by the tree some work has started on something. New entrance to Bugs Bunny World possibly. So yeah the park has started work on something. I always enjoy the trees around the park this time of year. Clearing for new coaster 19 this was the former location of a small train ride (the larger train is over in Whistle Stop Park so its not really a loss. Both the train and Tweety's Escape have been removed all that's left is to remove the concrete. Oh and some trees have been chopped down in the surround area. This former Dippin' Dots location right next to the removed train will be demolished to make way for new coaster 19. Tweety's Escape has been removed ...and moved over by Road Runner Express. All the midways where empty all morning. Also a lot of cracks in some of the midways have received some new asphalt all that's left is to color match the asphalt to the area. DC Universe received some plants and such for the center planter. Both the entrance plaza and Riddlers plaza received some new flowers from what I could tell. Batman was the only ride running one train but was a walk on for most of the day. Colossus has some backwards trains ready to run (still running forwards though). Anyone know why there's a crane in front of Colossus? Its the same type of crane that sits behind Full Throttle but there was another one sitting in front of Colossus it may already be gone but saw it while riding. Scream had no line all day and surprisingly running very smooth at least the recently refurbished train was, the other train not so smooth. Superman was surprisingly running both sides for most of the day. Apocalypse, 2 layers of new wood and 6 layers of old wood. Don't pull your lap bar down (after the op's tell you not too) so the entire train has to be rechecked, saw it so many times yesterday. ADMIN EDIT - I'm going to add a few more photos that Joey took today as well... View from the parking lot. Enjoy it! Looks like the 2014 park maps haven't come in yet. Typical SFMM merchandise. Not much has changed here. Looking forward to new slides at Hurricane Harbor this year? I am! "Sorry folks, the Sky Tower is closed. Moose out front should have told you..." But look what IS OPEN!!!! X2 is back to life! It's been a long time since we've seen this. How many of you went out to ride today? Looks like the lift chain is back up and running! Some signs for this summer's new hotness...
  5. Maintenance is currently fixing/replacing a part because for what ever reason one of the trains won't rotate in the station.
  6. ^Currently 45 min. but the ride just broke down. I didn't see the line any longer then an hour all day (little longer in the morning)
  7. As of right now only one train has audio working the other train was working in the morning but alas the ride beats itself up. Nope no effects right now.
  8. Saturday August 24, 2013 Here's where the chain broke and the park left the train on lift for a few days
  9. ^^Yeah it was posted a while ago that Mooseburger was closed for a remodel and would be incorporated into the full throttle area.
  10. Thought I would post this for anyone wondering when Zumanjaro Drop of Doom might open, this was posted on Great Adventures twitter.
  11. You mean the fire that was right behind Apocalypse (took this photo on June 2, 2013)
  12. Yeah some estimates may be a little high although you never know the park could be dead. EDIT - I adjusted the wait times slightly to better reflect that particular day
  13. Yes they are estimates from spring break and I wouldn't be surprised to see them like that on a Saturday in February especially with one train operations on some coasters and again those times are simply estimates and are in no way indicative of actual wait times.
  14. As far as rides currently closed for refurbishment -Buccaneer -Swashbuckler -Scrambler -All water rides (Tidal Wave, Jet Stream, Roaring Rapids) -Sky Tower -A few rides in the kids area -X2 may or may not be open in February as well
  15. ^^^Yes Bumper Cars, Flash, Wonder women, and the Carousel are still open. As for crowds, I think my estimates from an earlier post still hold true for that day - X2, Tatsu, YOLOcoaster, Superman (one side), Riddlers Revenge and Goliath 30 minutes to an hour - Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, Apocalypse, Batman, and Superman (two sides) 20 45 minute wait - Viper, Revolution, Goldrusher, Colossus, and Scream walk on - 20 minute wait Note X2 could still be closed on February 1rst
  16. Interesting, they didn't go for the helicopter approach, eliminate the need for such a large crane and then utilize the structure as a crane similar to how Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom was constructed.
  17. ^The way they should do it is pull one train every four months or so that way you at least have two trains ready each morning prior to testing.
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