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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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Was that kiddie coaster relatively new...

2015 was its 25th season.

It opened in 1990, the park's second season.


...or did they move it when Oz'Iris opened?

It was indeed moved in the winter of 2011-2012 to join OzIris in the Egyptian area.

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SOS Numérobis, the park's medium Zierer Tivoli will be replaced by a new coaster...


The park posted a photo on their Facebook-page with the caption "SOS Numérobis is getting back on the right track. Discover the new layout April 2, 2016". Surprised fans quickly asked what the deal was, to which the park responded with "it will be a new installation, with a new layout".

No! Save the Tivoli coasters!

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^ Parc Asterix has some of the most inefficient and disorganized operations I have ever witnessed. You should have seen them trying to figure out the FOL pass at Tonnerre De Zeus.

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They should put another pair of Zeus' panties on the ceiling of that little arch-tunnel, there.


Or a pair of socks... (Does Zeus indeed, have socks?)

(Ooops.... Spoiler Alert?)

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Activities seem to have started in preparation for the construction of Pegase, the Firechaser Express like family coaster to open in 2017. In my opinion a very nice choice for addition to that park, and we can expect a top-notch theming as usual



At this stage it's mostly land clearing / tree removal:





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I would love to go to Parc Asterix (I loved the Asterix books as a kid, and found it amusing when in the Disneyland Paris area that they named some streets after Goscinny and Uderzo - alas, 'twas PA's off season at that point). Oh well. If I'm ever in France again...


It does seem as if Parc Asterix is France's "thrill" park.

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