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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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This will be a great addition to the park! And if they keep the same level of theming as they did with OzIris and Discobelix, I am sure they will have a winner.

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Man thats like disney level


Well, not so close…







Pictures from Sunday, April 3. I hope it’s juste not finished and not already ruined


Just no...


All the images you have shown are such minor flaws which are so tiny that if I was shown those pictures not in a complaint context, I would have thought they showed some really nice theming. You must remember that this is only a Zanperla Disco.

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Wow looks amazing! I should be going to Paris during Easter next year but I wonder if this will be finished by then (don't know if it's supposed to open with the park or only later in the season)

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If this is like Firechaser Express, I'm guessing that the two track changers

will be 1) At the lift hill, behind the load/unload station, and 2) At the

entrance into the "Mystery Box"?

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The concept art definitely makes this seem like one of the more heavily themed additions for Parc Asterix but definitely another family addition. I'll be curious to see just how it turns out when it is fully built and operating.

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Parts of the Pegase Express track can be seen next to the park...





Also most of Le Vol d'Icare's track has been removed:




It is (long) due for retracking and will re-open next season along with Pegase Express, le Cheval de Troie and the whole new zone.

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The park posted a video the other day, but beware, the images of the construction site were shot last november:



RCJP, in April, I fear this won't be open. The only opening date they told is "Spring 2017", which basically translates to "not for the season opening".

But we'll keep an eye at the progression... Oziris soft opened on April, 4.

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A few pictures of the construction are circulating on facebook:




Another video update was posted by the park not so long ago. They mostly talk about theming. It is mentioned that all groundwork is finished and the 17m tall by 23meter wide station has started being built as well. Opening planned in June 2017.

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