Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby DoinItForTheFame » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:00 pm

Glad to see SKC is getting repainted. It was much needed!
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby glouthan » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:01 pm

Ahh, finally! Good job Six Flags!

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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby tatsu_dude » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:12 pm

Yes! I went to SFFT last summer and was really surprised by how faded it looked. It's great to see that this awesome ride looks the part once again.
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby cyberdyne-systems » Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:51 pm

I wonder if they're going to refurbish the ride vehicles on SKC as well. Last time I rode it they looked TERRIBLE! The colors were faded, the foam padding on the restraints had chunks missing, and there were these weird brown spots on some of the restraints as well! I'm happy enough that they at least repainted the ride, though. One step at a time, I suppose.

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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby Ducky dude » Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:09 pm

SFFT Twitter:

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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby chadster » Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:55 pm

Yesterday Park President Neal Thurman and Director of Marketing Jeffrey Siebert were gracious enough to take TPR on a quick tour of the construction site for Batman The Ride, an exciting brand new S&S designed 4D coaster coming in 2015.

This would also be my first visit to Holiday in the Park and they have certainly done an amazing job. They offer two shows and both pack the house and both are very well done. The Majesty of Christmas is easily the most popular and people lined up 30-45 minutes before gates opened. Same with their new show titles My Christmas Card to you. If you like musicals, you'll like this.

Here is a brief overview of what we learned

- The old car ride station will likely be coming out within the week
- Parts are starting to arrive from overseas
- Alan Schilke designed, so you know it's gonna be amazing!
- Rocky Mountain Construction is responsible for fabrication of the track and should start arriving next month. The structural pieces are being fabricated by S&S.
- Vertical Construction will take about a month to complete. This could start within the next 6 weeks
- Season Pass holders will be given the opportunity to ride before the general public
- Superman's paint work continues during the rides annual maintenance
- Park opens in 2015 on February 28th!

We also shot a quick video of the site, be sure to check it and when you're done, share it with your friends! Who's excited?!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 357.jpg
Welcome to Fiesta Texas! I love their re-designed entry, not bottle necking at the metal detectors is a huge win!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 364.jpg
Ok, so let's get it to. Why is there a sign here? Well, it's because this will be Batman's ride entrance! The queue for this ride is going to be a little different and I'm not going to give it all away, but I will say that it's going to keep you entertained.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 365.jpg
Behind the building we find the new ride plaza (thats what I'm calling it), did someone say Batmobile? Once you've queued in the building you'll make your journey out to the ride where you will be placed on the right or left side. But don't worry about long queues at the ride, it's being designed so that once you're at the ride you'll virtually have no wait before loading.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 368.jpg
The business end of the ride will be here, aka the Raven drops. Oh yeah, you are virtually guaranteed to flip 6 times, maybe more if you're 'large' enough!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 024.jpg
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 027.jpg
Say your goodbyes, it won't be around next week!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 032.jpg
This will be one of two great areas for photos as your friends ascend into the air
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 062.jpg
The park has gone the extra mile in terms of ride promotion. They've setup this booth across from what will be the ride exit.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 071.jpg
Inside you find ride facts and the promo video playing! People seemed to be gathered around it each time I walked by. In fact the park has recieved inquiries from news outlets all across the world!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 255.jpg
To the left of the entry point will the gift shop/exit
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 275.jpg
Bye bye tunnel, hello sweeping drop!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 280.jpg
I still haven't met anyone who is distraught over the old car ride leaving. It's replacement is going to kick some serious A$$!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 369.jpg
Backstage was next on our tour where we found cat walks! Oh boy!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 370.jpg
I bet if the park sold these tags in the gift shop, they could make a ton of money.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 371.jpg
More stairs and stuff!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 373.jpg
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 376.jpg
Selfie with the stair cases! (No selfie stick was used in the taking of this selfie)
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 012.jpg
After the tour, Garbles showed up and we went riding around the park.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 021.jpg
Single train ops (rehab time), but the staff were on it dispatching trains at a blistering pace.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 039.jpg
Who doesn't love a star flyer?
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 044.jpg
Garbles needed a nourishment stop for Cookies in a Cone! One of the many unique offerings during Holiday in the Park
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 046.jpg
There are also several specialty stores
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 049.jpg
And an opportunity to meet Santa!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 075.jpg
Pews have been setup for the tree lighting ceremony, cool looking tree.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 085.jpg
The food here smelt amazing, and even furthermore, tastes just as amazing. This is a local vendor whom they've invited out for the event and I'll say they made the right call.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 118.jpg
Do you wanna build a cookie? Do you wanna frost it up. Ok, I'll stop.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 034.jpg
Meanwhile the sun was going down.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 059.jpg
which left just enough light to check on Superman.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 078.jpg
What a difference!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 124.jpg
Hello Iron Rattler. How have you been? What's that? You're running super fast today?
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 184.jpg
No slow down on the lift during HiP has provided some crazy OMFG airtime over the hill in the back row!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 191.jpg
OMG it was hauling a$$
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 203.jpg
And of courses provided for some amazing hairtime (and airtime)
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 209.jpg
Train time! Closed last year, this year the train was decked out and opened up!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 211.jpg
Choo Choo
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 214.jpg
Take the Tunnel!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 252.jpg
Why hello there.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 290.jpg
Decorations were coming to life.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 306.jpg
Very tasteful!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 307.jpg
Stop staring at me!
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 311.jpg
Goodbye sun.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 321.jpg
Now this is cool looking
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 331.jpg
And this is even more cool looking.
SFFT - Batman Dec 2014 353.jpg
Great time at Fiesta Texas, the staff on iRat were all over it, fast, friendly, and working hard. In fact everyone we encountered were friendly!

Special thanks to Neal and Jeffery for taking time out of their day to show us around, we can't wait to ride Batman!

Oh, and if by chance you are planning on coming out to ride next season, and you should, Memorial weekend might not be a bad time to come out ;)
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby CaptainUnknown » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:28 pm

This might just be one man's opinion, but the park seems to need a family wooden coaster (preferably GCI) more than it needed Batman. With Iron Rattler, Superman, Poltergeist, Boomerang, and (not-so Goliath) Goliath; the park seems to be more focused on thrill coasters. There isn't really an in-between them and Pandemonium and Road Runner Express. And currently no wooden coaster existing at the park with Rattler's transformation.
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby alilstronger » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:29 pm

Awesome update! Love this park.
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby tarheel1231 » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:31 pm

Three Alan Schilke coasters in one park? So jealous :x
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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby Mrlittle » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:46 pm

Awesome update. I really wish I could make it out to the park to ride Irat without the pause. The new paint job on Superman looks amazing.


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