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Update:1998 Fiesta Texas 10 year master plan that never was.
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Shane's Amusement Attic

Postby montezooma » Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:34 pm

Hello Everyone-

I have decided to condense all my "trips down memory lane" into one thread that I can update and post all the great things I find while cleaning out my attic.

I have been going to the IAAPA conventions since 1978 and have been collecting brochures, photos and other fun stuff from amusement parks from about that same time. As I have been going through my attic I have come across some great old stuff that maybe many of you have never seen. Stuff on parks that are now gone, rides that are now gone, interesting stuff I have collected from the manufacturers and just any other thing that I find interesting.

Check back here often as I will update this thread with fun stuff I come across.

Hope you all enjoy and make sure you post your comments.


Featured in the Attic:

- 1979 Park Brochures
- 1980 Park Brochures
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: PTC
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: HUSS
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: S&S Power
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Miler Coasters
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Maurer Sohne
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: INTAMIN
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Premier Rides
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: PAX
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: GCI
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Gerstlauer
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: B&M
- 2008 IAAPA re-cap: Mack
- Aero World San Diego, CA
- Amusement park advertisements from the 1970's go to page 13 (link broken)
- Arrow Dynamics added an interview with Ron Toomer and a detailed report on Drachen Fire
- Arrow Huss 1981
- Arrow's Pipeline Coaster
- Australia's Wonderland
- B&M early brochures
- The Bat at Kings Island includes footage from the park and the Bat go to page 16 (link broken)
- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland 1978
- Boardwalk & Baseball - Circus World includes POV footage on Florida Hurricane & Zoomerang.
- Busch Gardens "The Dark Continent" early souvenir book
- Busch Gardens "The Old Country" 1977
- Cedar Point Amusement Land
- CHANCE Manufacturing
- Colossus - Magic Mountain
- Disneyland 1977 Souvenir Book
- Drachen Fire - Busch Gardens Williamsburg with NEW old footage added.
- Elitch Gardens - the original Now with POV of the original Mr. Twister
- Europa Park 1990
- Eyerly Aircraft Company
- Geauga Lake
- Gone but not Forgotten
- Greezed Lightnin' - AstroWorld great footage including POV of this awesome Schwarzkopf shuttle loop.
- Hersheypark 1980
- IAAPA - Ride Manufacturer Newsletters & Product Info stuff
- INTAMIN 1st Generation Free Falls
- Intamin - Ride Trade Catalog
- INTERNATIONAL AMUSEMENT DEVICES added POV video footage of Montana Rusa, the racer in Mexico City that inspired Colossus
- Kennywood Laser Loop & Steel Phantom added old film footage (including POV) of Laser Loop & the Dipper
- Kings Dominion: The Early Years
- Knott's Berry Farm - the early years. video, pictures, brochures and more for the 70's & 80's
- Libertyland
- MEISHO ride catalog
- Morgan Mfg.
- Old Chicago indoor amusement park
- Opryland U.S.A. includes footage from the park.
- Orient Express - Worlds of Fun Now with footage from the park and POV of the Orient Express
- Paramount's Great America "Media Plex" Front Gate Project
- Park Commercials over 50 commercials from parks all over the world!
- PTC Philadelphia Toboggan Company
- Pinfari
- Raptor - Cedar Point 1993 the parks 11th coaster is introduced in this promotional video
- Ride Renderings - Concept Art
- Riverside and the Riverside Cyclone
- Schwarzkopf Part 1
- Schwarzkopf Part 2
- Schwarzkopf Part 3- Six Flags Parks 1970's souvenir books from SFoT, SFoG, SFoMA, AW, SFGAd & MM before it became SFMM
- Togo Ride Manufacturer
- Tokyo Disneyland 1985 souvenir book
- Towers Part 1 - Intamin
- Towers Part 2 - Waagner-Biro
- Venture Ride Mfg.
- Vekoma: The Early Years
- Von Roll Monorails
- Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom early souvenir book
- The World of Sid & Marty Krofft

Now Showing on Shane's Retro VCR:

- Big Bad Wolf Arrow promotional video
- Cedar Point Winter
- Kennywood Memories PBS documentary
- Kid's World: Marriott's Great America
- Kid's World: Screamin' Eagle
- Kid's World: Colossus
- Kid's World: Loch Ness Monster
- Kid's World: Jet Scream
- Kid's World: Cinerama Coaster (Atom Smasher)
- The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster
- Roller Coaster Addict
- Roller Coaster Expert Gary Kyriazi
- Screamin Demon Kings Island 1979
- Song of the Phoenix
- Texas State Fair Comet 1980
- Theme Parks A Go-Go
- Zingo Bells Amusement Park 1980

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Postby montezooma » Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:11 pm

Circus World - Boardwalk & Baseball

UPDATED 1-3-08:
While going thru more old files I came across all this stuff from the early days of Circus World. More old maps, postcards, facts and even the souvenir book. Scroll down past the Boardwalk & Baseball stuff to see more on Circus World.

Boardwalk & Baseball was a park that I always stopped at on my way to Busch Gardens Tampa from Walt Disney World. It was a strange park that had a very unique theme.

Before it became Boardwalk & Baseball it was called Circus World. There were three versions of this park all of which I was lucky to visit. The first version was Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus World. It was a small park themed to obviously a circus. The first time I went to the park there were only four rides. The Center Ring (enterprise), Zoomerang (Arrow shuttle loop), Florida Hurricane (wood coaster) and a carousel.

Somewhere along the line the park was sold to a local real estate developer who added a lot of carnival rides. This is when the Weiner Looping was at the park. This ride gave probably the most intense ride on a roller coaster I have ever had (the original drop of Fiesta Texas' Rattler is a close second) The park was also supposed to add the Schwarzkopf Himalaya Bahn portable coaster, but before that could happen the park was sold to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich or HBJ Family Parks. It was then closed down and completely rethemed to Boardwalk and Baseball.

When HBJ was sold to Busch the park was closed for good.

Here are some brochures, postcards and pictures of the park in both of its personalities.

    circus world.jpg
    Circus World was pretty basic when it first opened, a couple roller coasters, this lake and a big circus tent...
    zoomerang 4.jpg
    My family on our first visit, this was probably in 1978. Zoomerang in the background.
    center ring.jpg
    the Center Ring was one of the four original rides. Back then this ride was pretty impressive as you can tell I captured every movement of the ride
    zoomerang 2.jpg
    The Zoomerang was prototype Arrow shuttle loop. This ride was actually constructed and tested at the Arrow plant in Mountainview, CA and then rebuilt at Circus World.
    zoomerang 3.jpg
    The ride had an elevator that transported you up to the station, much better than walking all those flights of stairs, which you had to walk down to exit.
    zoomerang 5.jpg
    Over its years at the park the Zoomerang was also known as "The Flying Daredevil" and the "Double O"
    zoomerang 6.jpg
    It ran a 4-car train
    zoomerang 1.jpg
    postcard 4.jpg
    The ride still runs today as the Afterburner at the Fun Spot in Indiana
    huricane 1.jpg
    The Florida Hurricane was a fast, fun wooden coaster.
    huricane 3.jpg
    This ride was also known as "Roaring Tiger" and "Michael Jackson's Thriller Coaster" and then back again to "Florida Hurricane.
    huricane 4.jpg
    When Boardwalk & Baseball closed the ride was relocated to Magic Springs, AK
    postcard 3.jpg
    Circus World comes to an end and Boardwalk & Baseball begins.
    Brochure 1-1.jpg
    1988 brochure
    Brochure 1-3.jpg
    Brochure 1-2.jpg
    Brochure 1-center.jpg
    Brochure 1-back.jpg
    brochure 2-a.jpg
    1989 brochure
    brochure 2-b.jpg
    brochure 2-4.jpg
    brochure 2-c.jpg
    brochure 2-d.jpg
    brochure 2-e.jpg
    brochure 2-f.jpg
    brochure 2-back.jpg
    postcard 1.jpg
    postcard 2.jpg
    The Double O
    about the park
    newspaper 1.jpg
    The Boardwalk & Baseball theme.
    Boardwalk & Baseball park Map 1988
    Pavilion 9 001.jpg
    ticket back.jpg
    Circus World News 1.jpg
    Circus World News 2.jpg
    Circus World News 3.jpg
    Circus World News 4.jpg
    Circus World News 5.jpg
    entrance bw.jpg
    Finished Map.jpg
    helpful hints.jpg
    bumper sticker.jpg
    news 1.jpg
    news 2.jpg
    news 3.jpg
    news 4.jpg
    news 5.jpg
    Circus World Map 1.jpg
    Circus World Map 3.jpg
    Circus World Map.jpg
    Roaring Tiger 1.jpg
    Roaring Tiger 2.jpg
    Roaring Tiger 3.jpg
    Roaring Tiger 4.jpg
    Roaring Tiger 5.jpg
    map pic hurricane.jpg
    DareDevil 1.jpg
    DareDevil 2.jpg
    map pic zoomerang.jpg
    postcard 1.jpg
    postcard 2.jpg
    postcard 3.jpg
    postcard 4.jpg
    Ferris Wheel 1.jpg
    Ferris Wheel 2.jpg
    map 1.jpg
    map pic.jpg
    Circus World 1.jpg
    Souvenir Book
    Circus World 2.jpg
    Circus World 3.jpg
    Circus World 4.jpg
    Circus World 5.jpg
    Circus World 6.jpg
    Circus World 7.jpg
    Circus World 8.jpg
    Circus World 9.jpg
    Circus World 10.jpg
    Circus World 11.jpg
    Circus World 12.jpg
    Circus World 13.jpg
    Circus World 14.jpg
    Circus World 15.jpg
    Circus World 16.jpg
    Circus World 17.jpg
    Circus World 18.jpg
    Circus World 19.jpg
    Circus World 20.jpg
    Circus World 22.jpg
    Circus World 23.jpg
    Circus World 24.jpg
    Circus World 25.jpg
    Circus World 26.jpg
    Circus World 27.jpg
    Circus World 28.jpg
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    Postby Hang And Bang » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:37 pm

    This stuff is great Shane! Thanks for sharing!

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    Postby robbalvey » Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:22 am

    I never got to go to Boardwalk & Baseball. :(

    I remember being in Orlando in '88 or '89 and picking up this exact brochure at a hotel lobby:


    I said to the people I was with "We should go check it out" and the answer was "no, we're here to see Disney." (We all worked for Disney at the time.)

    Turns out I should have just went!

    Oh, well.....


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    Postby RIP Psyclone » Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:26 am

    There are people who simply copy and paste links, text, and photos from other sites, and there are those who share their own rare stuff. They are who make TPR great! Keep it up, Shane!

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    Postby montezooma » Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:23 am

    RIP Psyclone wrote:There are people who simply copy and paste links, text, and photos from other sites, and there are those who share their own rare stuff. They are who make TPR great! Keep it up, Shane!

    Cool, thanks for the compliment! More good stuff on its way... :b

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    Postby Joan_Crawford » Sat Dec 08, 2007 5:18 am

    Hmmmmm oldness (:

    I saw, went and conquered Steel Dragon 2000. It's still crap!
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    Postby wrebbit » Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:03 am

    It's indeed great that you take the time to post this information. It's very interesting to read.

    Thanks =)
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    Postby coastercrazed49 » Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:47 am

    That looked like a really cool park. Not to big, but good size.
    Wish I could have visted, but I would of been to small/ :(

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    Postby Erik Johnson » Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:06 am

    I got to go sometime in the late 80's and I remember that it was a pretty nice park. While I was not into coasters at the time, I did get to explore and ride many of the park's other rides. I do remember seeing Speed on the IMAX there.


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