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DUDE! Up in the Intamin catalog they listed a Pinball ride! That sounds so kewl! Were any of those ever built and if so where are they (were they) and are there any left? That sounds so neat! Sounds like something I would have put in my hand-drawn parks years back before they started getting perverted.

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DUDE! Up in the Intamin catalog they listed a Pinball ride! That sounds so kewl! Were any of those ever built and if so where are they (were they) and are there any left? That sounds so neat! Sounds like something I would have put in my hand-drawn parks years back before they started getting perverted.


I have to laugh at the last sentece... Reminds me of something Peter Griffin would do... lmao!


I have to agree, I would've loved to see one of the pinball designs around... It would mae for an interesting ride in my opinion!

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This thread has to rank in the Top 5 ultimate kick ass threads ever posted on TPR!!!! Shane, you are doing an amazing job!! Can't wait to see what comes next. I have some old pics from KI, MM and others I might scan in a share soon. But, in the meantime, you are providing some amazing history for everyone, a lot of people have probably never heard of 50% of the stuff you're posting. Thanks!!!! I check this thread every few hours to see if you've added to it.

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DUDE! Up in the Intamin catalog they listed a Pinball ride! That sounds so kewl! Were any of those ever built and if so where are they (were they) and are there any left?


as far as I know, the Pinball ride was just a concept that never really made it any further than that...concept.

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Wow I rode the Express when I was 8 in I think the last year until it's retirement. It was my first big coaster and I rode it in the very back with my cousin and I just remember my stomach literally launching up to my throat and I was too scared to scream. It scared me off coasters for a while.

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Backtracking a little to B&B... I was looking at the birds eye photos on live search. These are all "new", but when you are over the stadium at B&B you can see a dramatic decay when you rotate the picture. at one angle, the stadium looks to be in decent shape, rotate 90 degrees and suddenly the lighting, fences, and seats are gone, and the field is completely overgrown. In the more recent ariel shots the stadium has been completely leveled.



Looks still usable here.



BAM. Looks like it will fall over soon.



Demolished in the overhead shot.


Studying the photos closer, the pitcher's mounds and plate areas of the fields are all covered in the "nice" pictures. Were the fields and the stadium in use until recently?

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^After posting that someone told me they thought that the creators of the cult classic H. R. Puffin Stuff had created an indoor theme park somewhere and that there was a pinball ride there. Don't quote me, but I think that this would have been Sid and Marty Kroft.


The World of Sid & Marty Kroft was an indoor park that was located on 5 floors of the Omni hotel in Atlanta, GA. I believe this is now the CNN building. If my memory is correct they did have a pinball ride but it was more a traditional dark ride, it was not this Intamin model.

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DUDE! Up in the Intamin catalog they listed a Pinball ride! That sounds so kewl! Were any of those ever built and if so where are they (were they) and are there any left?


as far as I know, the Pinball ride was just a concept that never really made it any further than that...concept.


There was a pinball ride at The Wonderful World of Sid and Marty Kroft. It sounded like a very interesting ride. It was The park itself was at a bead location when it was opened. The old building that the park was in was demolished and the new CNN headquarters in now on the spot.

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In 1976 Magic Mountain built the Great American Revolution. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, this ride totally started my fascination with roller coasters and theme parks. It was such an awesome looking ride and Magic Mountain was a great place to visit.


Two years later they built Colossus, the worlds greatest roller coaster. Magic Mountain had two of the greatest coasters in the world, I couldn't imagine that place getting any better. I remember being at the park on the opening day of Colossus and the place was packed. I had never been on a wooden coaster before and Colossus sure packed a punch. I remember having bruises on my thighs from the speed dip after the second drop. That thing was brutal. As a matter of fact it was too brutal. Unfortunately a woman was thrown from the train and was killed. Colossus was shut down and somewhere around that time the park was sold to Six Flags.


Six Flags did a big media push about how they had completely rebuilt Colossus with the main emphasis on making the ride completely safe. The marketing campaign at the time was "Six Flags is building a better mountain at Magic Mountain"


Here is some material from the time that Colossus was announced. Magic Mountain put together this little booklet called the Roller Coaster Almanac that gave a history of roller coasters and also talked about how massive of a project Colossus was.


Also is the press release from the park when Colossus was reintroduced and the park was branded a Six Flags Park.


The highlight of this update is pictures of Colossus when the trains were actually racing. That happened rarely when the ride first opened and probably hasn't happened since then.

"Colossus - the Greatest Roller Coaster in the World"


it's a wrap




Still, it is a beautiful structure!


The demise of Colossus - Morgan Trains, no racing, MCBR...it's over!



Colossus Rides Again!








Enterprise is still missed at the park!


New Rides, New Shows, New Mountain



Six Flags takes the reigns




another rare time when they actually raced the two trains





Magic Mountain becomes Six Flags Magic Mountain and Colossus reopens. Notice the emphasis on safety, smoothness and reduced down time. The original ride had a pretty bad reputation.


In the upper right hand photo you can see the speed dip that gave major air time and many bruises to the thighs. When the ride was reprofiled this drop was lowered aprox. 20 feet.
















awesome picture of the model they had on display at the entrance of the park.




The inside cover featured this picture of Kings Island's Racer


The park sold this cool little booklet that tells all about coasters and Colossus.


A very rare scene. Colossus racing with the original NAD trains. The red side was Thunder and the blue side was Lightning.


the park mascots show that it was a pretty simple time back then. You didn't have to have great character licenses like Bugs Bunny. All we needed was a couple of ugly trolls and a wizzard!


This says it all. It was a great logo and a great ride at that time!

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I have a copy of The Roller Coaster Almanac somewhere around the house. It's indeed a piece of history. Thanks again for continuing to share your stuff, Shane. For me, a Magic Mountain visitor since Year One, it's truly a trip down Memory Lane.



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Bravo, Shane! Your theme-park and coaster retrospectives keep getting better and better! I remember riding Colossus in 77 vividly; not because I was almost pants-wettingly scared (which I was...I was 9, after all) but because it was so huge. I think the total whiteness of it made it look even larger than it might have been. It's funny, though. I remember the Revolution being more violent on the body than Colossus. Since I haven't ridden it since, would I still enojy the ride with all its modifications or would I be let down?

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WHo knew that Jack Ryan started writing about roller coasters, before saving the world from rogue Soviet submarine captains, nuclear terrorists in the middle east, drug lords in Central America, and becoming President!


These are awesome Shane, keep them coming!

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Thanks for posting, Shane! Honestly, the photos were almost depressing for me! The ride could be so much better than it is.


What bothered me was the press releases, describing how much stuff they had going on in the park back then, and how much effort they put into making each area special (ie Spillikin Corners). It bothers me to know that what was once such a unique area of the park is mostly shuttered buildings. The park would be so much better now, if along with trying to get the family thing back together, that they focused on getting this kind of stuff back.

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