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Shane's Amusement Attic

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As Shane is still preoccupied with his very successful water parks, I thought I'd put up two retro brochures of my own (which I finally had the time to scan in yesterday) in here to display/serve as filler, both of them being small, charming family-run parks in the Southern US! Here's to hoping for decades more of that wonderful southern hospitality both parks share!



At the time this brochure was being printed out (1971), Beech Bend Park was still in its heyday and being proclaimed one of the top ten (!?) amusement parks in the United States.


Despite the county fair appearance of the park throughout the years, I don't think any park has had a unique attraction line-up over the years as Beech Bend.


Nope, that was not a proofreading mistake you read, the price of admission into the park was 10¢!


While the amusement park and camping were definitely (and still are to a degree) attractions in their own right, the real money maker was (and still is to this day) the adjacent raceway and drag strip.


The entirety of Beech Bend Park is much larger than it is promoted in advertisements for any of its venues; take a look on Google Earth and you will see what I mean! (Taking the imagery all the way back to 2003 also will show you I was not kidding about the popularity of the motor-sport venues.)


Today, with being in close proximity to some of Southern Kentucky's biggest attractions (Mammoth Cave, Horse Cave, Kentucky Down Under, Lost River Cave, GM Corvette Assembly Plant, the National Corvette Museum and NCM Motorsports Park), Beech Bend has began to become more of a regional attraction than a local attraction in the middle-of-nowhere. Although, back then, they didn't have the Kentucky Rumbler and Splash Lagoon. ;)


I do not have an exact date for this brochure, but the absence of the Cannonball means this definitely was printed no later than 1966.


Here's a treat you don't see often in today's brochures: A full-blown map of the park!


Wait, Lake Winnie has the world's oldest mini-what-now? Come again? Little interesting to see this was a selling point for the park!


Even back then, they advertised themselves as being within Chattanooga. Probably a good choice in the long run; how many people would have bothered to go out if they heard it was located in Rossville, Georgia?

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Is there any info in the Amusement Attic about a place called Laser World in Orlando,Florida?The place I'm talking about was opened in downtown Orlando around 1980/81 in an old movie theater;basically all it was was people doing sci-fi style dance routines to pre-recorded music with laser patterns projected behind them.I know I didn't dream this but I can't find anything online about it ....

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