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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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I've added everyone's trip reports and videos that were uploaded to TPR:



If you haven't seen these, be sure to check them out. There are some great Photo TR's and videos that you don't want to miss!





Hey everyone!


To go directly to the 2006 TPR UK photo update index page click here:



or click the following:


Day Zero - Legoland

Day One - Chessington World of Adventures

Day One Part Two - Coney Beach

Day Two - Oakwood!

Day Three - Alton Towers!

Day Four - Drayton Manor Photos

Day Five - Southport Pleasureland

Day Six - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Day Seven - Lightwater Valley

Day Seven Part Two - Flamingoland

Day Eight Part One - Pleasurewood Hills

Day Eight Part Two - Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Day Eight Part Three - Joyland

Day Nine - Thorpe Park Photos & Video

Europe Add On - TusenFryd Photos & Videos

Europe Add On - Liseberg Photos & Videos

The "Real" Add-on Day 1 - Sarkanniemi

The "Real" Add-on Day 2 - Linnanmäki

The "Real" Add-on Day 3 - Power Park, Finland

UK Side Trip - Fantasy Island & Skegngess, UK


Greetings from jolly, jolly, jolly old ENGLAND!!!!


This starts the official Theme Park Review 2006 UK Tour! We'll be visiting 14 parks in the UK as well as an "Add-On" trip to Liseberg and TusenFryd. There are 53 of us on the trip, so of course we will have daily updates of our antics at all these parks so expect lots of coaster photos, lots of random theme park stuff, and of couse LOTS of TPR member craziness!


We have made it, everyone is here, and we've already conquered our first park! Today's park? LEGOLAND WINDSOR!!!!


Highlights of the day:


- The "Fire Academy!" - A Fire Department relay race as only TPR members can do it!

- Three Credits!!! Well, DUH! We go after the coasters and Legoland has three of them!

- Miniland! Where else can you see all of London including a streaker in less than 15 minutes?

- "Dan Approved" water rides! Yes! You read that corretly!

- Jeff & Lou! These two seem to have dissapeared for two hours. What can they be up to? Hmmm....we have VIDEO PROOF!!!!


Here's a few photos from today:

Our first park, although an "un-official" park of the trip - LEGOLAND!!!


The Fire Academy as only TPR could do it!


Yes there were coaster credits.


Jeff even counts some of the as two!


How's it going Dan?


"I hate all of you f**kers!!!!"


Yes, we are all adults.....


"This is NOT an acceptable amount of wetness!"


We got to see all of London in 15 minutes! Awesome!!!


We had a pretty awesome time at Blockoland!!!


And after the park, time to hit up the pub!


To see the entire photo & video update from todays adventures, click here:



Tomorrow we're off to Chessington World of Adventures!


Check back for more photos from Elissa and I as well as other members of the tour!



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Woot!!! You all made it!!! Glad to see everyone had a fantastic 0 day on the trip!!! Wow an unsceduled 0 day and already having ubers of fun and crazyness plus a video that has more suspense then an acer on a flying coaster!!













Omg I was on the edge of my seat when you all snuck up to see what Lou and Jeff were up too!! I was seriously thinkin you would have caught them in the act!! I was waiting for some screaming and lots of black boxes goin up for censorship reasons!! But to no avail they were just chilln out watchin the tely!!




Well looks like you all are having the times of ya lives so far. Looking forward to many more exciting and fun filled updates!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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That was your father, not me on the previous post---Mom

Sounds like you all are having fun!

Really? We would have never guessed!


--Robb (I'll tell Elissa when she wakes up...it's 2am here!) Alvey

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Looks like you guys are having fun so far, and it isn't even day one yet!


You lucky bastards enjoy your trip, we'll just be chillin' here in the lame US... working... not riding coasters... and stuff.


Keep up the fun and keep us posted,

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Geez, I've only seen day 0 and I'm trying to convince my dad to take me on the UK trip next year...


count on seeing me next year, robb! I loved the video - I wonder what you guys would have actually done if they... well... you know what I mean.


p.s. SCHOOL'S OVER! yay. I'd skip school to hang with you guys in the UK ANY day.

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damn if you guys are having that much fun i wish i asked my grandpa for the $$$ to go along. but you would have had to tape my mouth shut cause i would be laughing to hard with all the practical jokes you guys are pulling and robb get some good shots of nemisis i need terrain pics so i can get the land grading right thanks



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You guys are so amazing...All I did today was see one of the best movies of the summer (Cars), and read the next book in one of my favorite series...But seriously, I'm going on one of these trips if it's the last thing I do!

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