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  1. Wes- I can only say that reading your post I laughed almost as much as when Robb and the boys came down the pink waterslide of death. Hope you are well..............Janice aka Elissa's mom
  2. anything rude, lewd or of a sexual nature was written by your father not me........Love, Mum
  3. The Elissa Bingo was a classic - LOL, Mom Keep having fun and have a safe trip- wash your hands often!
  4. That was your father, not me on the previous post---Mom Sounds like you all are having fun!
  5. Really glad to see that Tivoli has a coaster for Elissa's dad, and even a special seat. Sent by Elissa's dad-as he couldn't find his password
  6. Just wanted to let you know that we are following your adventures- some of the views of Hong Kong are amazing! Can't wait to go...... Mom and Dad
  7. Hey they are really cute and will hopefully keep you all warm on some of those blustery theme park days- even Orlando occasionally drops below 80 - Miss you guys--- Elissa's (too old for a hoodie) mom
  8. First of all- shouldn't it be Where in the world ARE Elissa and Robb since the subject is plural? It is amazing to me that some of you are right on target as to where they are since those are the worst clues I have ever seen- good thing they don't run a geo-cache site. I think that E and R are having a little fun with you all but I will tell you that they really did go somewhere and they are not with me! Elissa's mom
  9. Hamburger outside of Hamburg-Elissa, you still don't eat the pickle. Mom says, "looks like your having a great time". Dad says, "I am wearing your cool T-shirt much more often than you. I advertised you guys to within 690 miles of the north pole[is this politically correct - nb- no mention of light bulbs.
  10. Just in case anyone cared- I did go on the Revenge of the Mummy and you were all correct that it wasn't that bad for a non coaster person- although that restraint system with the knee bar and all is a bit intimidating at first. However I rode it and might do it again with my eyes open(I did sneak a peak at the bugs and the fire) As a matter of fact I think that Shrek and Jimmy Neutron did a worse job on my back. We had a great 2 days with Elissa and Robb. They have a lot of energy in case you ever travel with them- and you will not waste time. Enjoy -Life is a quick ride!
  11. I really don't like roller coasters and I don't trust elissa after she made me ride that stupid Mission space at Epcot. When Elissa was little she was terrified of the people mover at epcot! Elissa's Mom
  12. Visited Epcot today and rode " Soarin" The entrance is in the old Land Pavilion downstairs . The line said 1 hour 45 min. wait and the fast pass machines were not yet working. The ride op said to go on the stand by line which we did and there was only a few minute wait which was mostly taken up by the tunnel like long, long entrance pathway. The ride officially opens on Thursday but we were told but it is already very popular and said to be the new favorite at EPCOT. They were doing something while we were riding and there seemed to be some kind of fuzzy thing or dirt on the projected imag
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