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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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I'll take three copies of the "Girls of TPR" calendar. Rrrrrrrow!



And great ambush video. Too bad Jeff and Lou were only engaged in, at most, high class British porn. Looks like a blast so far, and I'm definitely enjoying this vicariously. One thing I did notice, though...


At the surface, this seems like a typical Elissa-friendly picture.





But you see, this photo has been cleverly edited. Put a certain fuzzy animal back in its original place and...



...well, it looks like someone's been "beating the gopher," if you know what I mean.

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^^OMG, I would have never noticed that. Poor little gopher. As soon as I'm old enough, I'm going on a TPR trip. Why can't our Legoland have that waterslide thing? All we're getting is a 12 foot tall log ride.

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Looks like a great trip so far....


We had the official Sour Grapes tour here down under for Brent, as he could not squeeze onto the trip.

But all went well, after the rain stopped and he was groped by a ride op....but that is another story to ask downunder when you guys get back.....have fun and be safe---that's goes for Lou and Jeff double.

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I worked at that place for 4 years during the school holidays


OMFG, dude, how long are your school holidays???


Looks like your all having a whale of a time, I think I'll have to make sure I join you on your next trip.


I still can't believe I've never been to Legoland.



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Awesome video!


That looks great, all those TPR people along with Robb and Elissa on that trip. I would have considered going, but I've got sooooooo much on my mind right now. I'm finally looking at places to move into now that I've got some money. I was considering Seattle at first, but then decided I wanted to be a bit closer to home in an area I'm more familiar with, so now I'm looking at Pittsburgh.


All this has meant no time for coasters, unfortunately, but hey, you never know. Summer's still yet to really come up here, and in Pittsburgh I'd have Kennywood as a hometown park.


But enough about me! I love getting to see all those pics from all the international trips. Legoland in Windsor looks far more impressive than I even imagined. Fun, fun, fun.

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I so wanted to be on this trip... I guess I'll save myself for a next one (I will come along one day)


Fun pictures and great video fun...


Looks like coming to Europe is always going to be a wet experience. However looking at the pictures the Bobbejaanland slide doesn't look that bad anymore he....


Enjoy the rest of the trip. I'll be watching you

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Looks like your having a great time!


Your certainly lucky that your not experiencing typical English weather, the past few days have been damn hot.


Continue to have a good time, but don't be surprised if every thing stops for 90 minutes at 2pm today when England play their first match

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Just for clarification... Part II of "Jeff and Lou's Personal Expedition" is coming, right?


Thanks for "Day 0". I chalk it up to the fact that we're in paradoxical time zones, and some huge cataclysmic event has forced a binary code reading of all days.


But that's just me.

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Wow, great first update! I am glad you all made it to the UK. I am so jealous, but you know what, I am here at Disney.... Yeha... Okay, it is not the same. Anyway, I am looking forward to your daily updates. I hope you will have a blast out there...



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Look I had Intentions of going on the 07' Japan Trip, so I was like, shweet when I saw day 0.


Okay, the update was cool, as usual.


then, I saw the video of what Lou&Jeff were doing....my intentions changed:


Okay..... .....wow....yeah.....


then, I thought "ermm, 3 weeks with Robb? and the possibility of being a victim to the video room raid shown in Day Zero, They went from "YEAH! I'm going to TPR Japan 07'!" to, "yeeahh....okay....hmmm..."



I'm going to lose my sanity sticking to this update. I'm not sure though, I think I lost it in the 5 years I've been reading your PTR's!


Overall, I still like all of you.....no need to worry....yet



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Hah, looks like you are all having a great time!


"How disappointed are we? VERY!" So yeah... there's always next time for more incriminating evidence!


Hope the rest of your trip goes well! (I look forward to the updates...)

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