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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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^ Agreed. I mean, I don't like rough coasters that much, but if a rough coaster has something to offer that will "cancel out" the roughness, I can forgive it a bit.


ThunderCoaster is a very good example of that.


--Robb "I can't stand rough coasters that are not only rough, but just plan suck - SFDL's Predator as an example." Alvey

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^I'll add Coaster "My spleen!! My spleen!!" Express to that.


Thundercoaster's airtime and wild ride were well worth any roughness the ride had, a bit like the Ultimate in some ways - it has something that really makes you laugh a hell of a lot. It just got better as the track got wetter.


And the company that designed it was British!

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Don't know if anyone has mentioned this already but the river of blood at Nemesis - Alton Towers is no more (well at least for now anyway, I don't know if it has come back plans)


The lake was still there but the waterfalls dry and looking really ugly when we visited in late September.

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