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I was playing with Photoshop way back in '05 and this was one of the pictures I made. In 2006 I had to use a picture for my youtube account, thus this picture was used. When I joined this website, I used the same picture, but put the words "Midgetman82" on it.


Why I used a stick figure skydiving for a username "Midgetman82", I have no idea!

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It was so funny to go back and read some of these, as lots of the avatars have changed since the posts! I have only had two here on TPR. My original was a pic my mom took the first time I went to MK... when I was like five. My current one is of myself, my daughter, a few of her friends, and Big Mike. This was taken the first time we met him. Epic moment... so this one stays. (Well, for now!)

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I finally added an avatar just a few moments ago.


My avatar goes along with my screen name.


I am a Graduate from Jim Evan's Academy of Professional Umpiring, class of 1999.


I have a Major League Baseball Umpiring Certification.


While I'm no longer umpiring in Professional Baseball (Minor Leagues to Major Leagues), I'm still very proud of the accomplishment.

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