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Movies that you Love

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I was going to post "Heathers" also, but at least I have seen 4 or 5 other posts.


Other notables in no particular order (during my days at least):


1. Hooper & Cannonball Run (Burt Reynolds)

2. Arthur (Dudley Moore)-RIP! F**@# Hilarious

3. The Saint (Val Kilmer and the Yummy Elisabeth Shue)

4. Son-in-Law (Pauly Shore-what a Weaaasel...)

5. Wolf (Jack Nicholson and the Yummy Michelle Pfeiffer)

6. Christmas Vacation-one of my ALL-TIME favs! (Chevy Chase).

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I posted several of my movies earlier, but I too wish to add Dumb & Dumber (original movie-not the sequal). But how come no one has posted Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase) except me?

That movie is absolutely hilarious. Come on now, don't we all have someone in our families that is dysfunctional or resemble some portions of that movie?

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Please tell me that I'm not the only one that likes eithr of these movies:


The Big Lebowski



You're definitely not alone on The Big Lebowski...possibly one of the funniest movies ever! And I'll give you credit for Heathers too, since my wife thinks it's highly underrated.


A couple more I love that not many of my friends or family like:


12 Monkeys

Good Will Hunting

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How could you not like Heathers?


The Vidiot from UHF which is a Weird Al Yankovich vehicle has many great moments including Wheel of Fish, Conan the Librarian, and Gandhi II. It also introduced us to Michael Richards in what was close to his Kramer character in Seinfeld.


Also Eurotrip rocks, but just don't tell scotty.

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At least, nobody I know makes any remarks that say they liked it, etc.


Which is sad. It's truly a modern success of a movie musical, one of the very few these past several years.

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