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Movies that you Love

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^ Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the subtitle of this thread "that nobody else does..."? I understand you love The Matrix and LOTR series, but it seems to me that everybody else does, too (see worldwide box office figures for details), therefore nullifying their eligibility. Just a friendly observation.


My "movie that I love that nobody else does" is "Rad" (1986). "I so wanna go a$$-sliding with you right now." (That's a quote from the movie, not an invitiation...sorry).

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Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

Coal Miner's Daughter

Valley Girl (the only good Nicholas Cage movie...maybe you can count Peggy Sue Got Married, but that's pushing it)

Female Trouble

Serial Mom


I just noticed that all of my movies have a "female" title...and I don't even like girls.

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Exit to Eden (nothing like an S&M island comedy)

Mannequin (nothing better than 80's cheese)

Troll and Troll 2 (two movies so bad they're good)

Masters of the Universe (you gotta love He-Man)

Serial Mom (this movie is beyond funny, Kathleen Turner is awesome)

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This thread has reminded me of some of the greatest movies ever:


The Jerk


That Thing You Do!

Vegas Vacation




But my favorite that noone else likes have got to be the Prince movies:


Purple Rain

Under The Cherry Moon

Sign o' The Times


Ron "Yes I even included Under The Cherry Moon" Patton

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