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Movies that you Love

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Don't ask me why, but I really like Slingblade. All my friends say it drags on, but I think it's great. The second movie I love that my friends hate is Australia. Just because a movie is 4 hours long doesn't mean it sucks. I saw it in the movie theater, and I loved it! I need to watch it again. Another movie I can think of is Grease 2. You know how people think sequels suck? Not me. I thought Grease 2 was as good as the original, and the music was just as catchy. Last but not least, the movie I have shown to all my friends and they all hate it so much... Shock Treatment, the supposed sequel to Rocky Horror! I'm a huuuuuuge Rocky Horror fanboy, but Shock Treatment had amazing music and a great storyline (It doesn't have to have trannys in it for it to be good). The only similarities were that is starred Brad and Janet, Betty and Ralph were there, there was a reference to the criminologist, and (even though they were completely different characters) Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff) and Pat O'Quinn (Magenta) still practiced extreme incest! And, unlike the original, Shock Treatment is rated PG. Watch all 3 of these movies!

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Everybody I have talked to always say they hate the Crank series with Jason Statham.


Even though the plot is twisted and some things make absolutely no sense, its hilarious to watch

Also the film style is very unique combining many techniques and things you don't normally see in other movies.

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Some of mine:


-The Blair Witch Project (1 and 2) - even though it made millions at the box office

-All About Steve - love it is about being yourself and not caring what others think

-Glitter - I LOVE Mariah hehe - it may have did better if it did not come out the weekend after 9-11

-The Last House On The Left (Remake) - AWESOME movie!! Sara Paxton NAILED that role

-The Banger Sisters


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Saint Trillians School for Bad Girls - if you haven't seen this, it is freaking AWESOME

Bitch Slap - it's like Charlies Angels + Kill Bill, but with lipstick lesbians!

Zombie Strippers - I can't stress the awesomeness of this movie enough!



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Even though it was fairly poorly reviewed and not really liked by anyone I know outside the state of Kentucky I always loved the movie Elizabethtown with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom directed by Cameron Crowe. A lot of it was filmed in my home town and I even have some friends that are extras in a few scenes, but being from Kentucky there are a lot of very authentic little touches to the movie that really make any Kentuckian miss home. By hometown bias aside I always thought it was a pretty decent movie with a great soundtrack and a lot of really memorable scenes and characters, never quite understood why it was so poorly received. The scene where Drew Baylor finally arrives in "Elizabethtown" (actually Versailles, KY), just about brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it because it feels exactly how I feel when I drive into town after being away for a while. Probably gonna have to watch it tonight.

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People are mentioning a LOT of movies that are universally loved. It's supposed to be Movies you love that other people hate. UHF, Big Lebowski, The Jerk, Fight Club, Team America? These are some of the most beloved movies around, and all are in my top 100 movies of all time.


Some of mine that I love (that people actually do hate):


Howard The Duck

King Arthur (the remake from a few years ago with Clive Own and Keira Knightly)

Showgirls (love how bad it is)

Cars 2

Batman Forever

Jennifer's Body

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^I agree on Showgirls (love the part where Elizabeth Berkley licks the pole, for some reason that cracks me up everytime..) and Jennifer's Body...I mean EVERYONE wants to watch Megan Fox do ANYTHING it seems.

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^Not EVERYTHING, but I wouldn't mind watching her do a few things....


^^I didn't care that much for Batman Forever but I kind of liked Batman and Robin, thought George Clooney was a better Batman than most people gave him credit for (at least a better Bruce Wayne). While we're on Batman I'm probably also in the minority of people who liked Batman Begins better than The Dark Knight.


Rocky Horror Picture Show is another movie that is more or less loved or hated. I know most people on here are probably big fans but I'd bet you if you asked 100 random people their opinions on the movie you'd find far more haters than lovers.

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^I agree on Rocky Horror. For some reason I liked it a lot more when I was younger and everyone was going to the midnight participation movies over and over because we thought we were doing something "bad." Now, not so much...(I have done a lot of worse things since..)


Along the same lines, John Waters films...some will love them some will hate them.

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People are mentioning a LOT of movies that are universally loved. It's supposed to be Movies you love that other people hate.


Someone even put Back To The Future in this thread... And Jurassic Park.



Saw IV, V and VI

Never Been Kissed

Snakes On A Plane



Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Band Slam

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I love stupid movies that are aware that they are stupid movies, and thus put a lot of emphasis on the characters and don't try to play off the plot as something more than it actually is. Thus, Snakes on a Plane is more than a guilty pleasure for me, and so is Final Destination (though the series has become more and more ridiculous), and the new A-Team to an extent. And many SYFY original movies fit this category.


Other movies:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: You know people hate it when South Park devotes an entire episode to the movie. Personally, I liked it. Of course it's not as good as the other three, but that does NOT automatically make it bad. It has a solid three-act structure, great acting, John Williams' score, and a decent plot. Sure, it may have been overblown by special effects, but is that really enough to kill an entire movie? It was a fun flick in my opinion.


The Green Hornet: Kind of pushing it for this thread because I only liked it, but critics went absolutely nuts over this movie, and tore it to pieces. Maybe it's because I never saw the original series, but I don't recall anything that deserved such a critical beating, and I even laughed several times.


Dante's Peak: While this movie does follow the typical disaster movie plot, I feel like this was one of the best handled stories from the 90s. Despite the knowledge that the mountain was going to blow, I found the build-up to be intimidating, and the payoff was incredible. The backstory of the family was interesting, and the conflicts at times of adversity kept the tension going. And the special effects look incredible for using so little CGI.


Other titles that I feel are not necessarily universally hated, but unfairly underrated

Robin Hood: Men In Tights (and most of Mel Brooks' later work)


Air Force One

The Mummy Returns


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I absolutely love the National Treasure movies, despite their complete and total ignorance when it comes to the subject of American History (i.e. the entirety of what the two movies are based on).


Also harbor a deep love for the live-action Grinch movie...you know, the one that's commonly bemoaned as one of the worst childhood-destroying movies of all time.

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People seem to crap all over the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie with Ed Norton, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I mean, the guy actually fights a supervillain in this movie, instead of just the military. It's way better than the 2003 movie, which I often call The Incredible Sulk.


Don't make me angsty...you wouldn't like me when I'm angsty.

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