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People seem to crap all over the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie with Ed Norton, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I mean, the guy actually fights a supervillain in this movie, instead of just the military. It's way better than the 2003 movie, which I often call The Incredible Sulk.


Don't make me angsty...you wouldn't like me when I'm angsty.

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I caught Drive on Netflix last night, knowing very well what I was getting myself into. I wasn't expecting an action-packed thrill ride, just a slow, emotional piece that focused more on the actors and story than violence.


I LOVED IT. I can see where people come from calling it boring, I guess, but I personally thought it was one of the most tense, emotional films I've ever seen. Ryan Gosling's character was incredible, so subtly expressive, especially during those extended silences that pop up so often. I didn't mind them one bit, since his facial expressions told a deeper story than the words he said.


The violence was a bit too much for me to handle at times (The pole.. the stomp.. the fork.. the razor.. UGH), but I'm really glad I persevered through it, because Drive is now one of my favorite thrillers.

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I actually like a lot of movies adapted from books I've read, although most people who've read the book and seen the movie hate the movie.


--Water for Elephants: I really thought they did a great job with the movie adaptation. They had everything that needed to be there.

--Breaking Dawn: Part 1: I had really low expectations going into this because I didn't like the 4th book very well, but I actually think I like this movie better than the others. I thought they did a great job with the movie.

--Holes: not sure if people hate this movie, but since the book was so good I thought the movie wouldn't be, but I love the movie too

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I mentioned this in another thread, but I really liked Prometheus. It may not have been as good as Alien, but it didn't need to be. I see all this vitriol being thrown at it, with people talking like its the worst thing to happen to sci-fi since the Star Wars prequels. I can understand why some people just didn't like it, but I don't understand why others seem to hate on it with so much venom.


It makes me wonder what's happened to sci-fi and comic book movie fans in recent years, because I see the same thing happening with the Dark Knight Rises, another movie I enjoyed, that's been getting a lot of crap. Again, it didn't top the last movie, which it couldn't have, so it's automatically the worst thing ever? I don't get it.

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Sorry if I have said this before, but Armageddon. I hate how people keep complaining how this movie is scientifically accurate. Who cares. It is just a movie, sit back and enjoy it.


I love "Armageddon" more than "Deep Impact." A gppd Sci-Fi movie is "Cube."


Edit: Oops, that is 'good' not gppd.

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Sucker Punch




Haven't seen that one, but maybe I'll check it out.


I'm actually planning to watch The Lone Ranger this weekend; perhaps I'll need psychiatric care afterward.

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At least, nobody I know makes any remarks that say they liked it, etc.

Which is sad. It's truly a modern success of a movie musical, one of the

very few these past several years.


This still stands, for me. A few have come close, since this posting. But no matter.


"Chicago" Rules! And I saw it 19 times in it's first run, on the big screen too.


And the CD soundtrack still rocks too, Go Velma! Go Cell Block Tango!!!

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Earth Girls Are Easy comes to mind as a film I love that no one else I know seems to. Most complain that it's too silly or dumb; of course it is, still made me laugh a hell of a lot. Of course, the film was not widely seen upon release.


Watchmen and Unbreakable are two films that did do good at the box office that I really thought were outstanding, while the majority of people I know have reactions to both that range from meh to negative.

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