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Movies that you Love

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I have alot of movies that I love but nobody else does...here they are...I will add more if I think of any...what are yours?


1.Adventues of Ford Fairlane

2.Hot Chick

3.Encino Man


5.Wild Things

6.Bachelor Party

7.Blair Witch Project

8.Weekend at Bernies

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There are loads more I'm sure, but can only think of three off the top of my head:




Drop Dead Fred


Drop Dead Fred in particular seems to be widely hated over here, but I loved it as a kid and for some reason the obsession never left me!

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I love:


Freddy VS Jason: I heard lots of people didn't like it because it's not really scary, more of a comedy to me.


Hostel: I heard lots of people didn't like it because it's too damn scary and so much gore...(I love it, the more frightening, the better!)


Wolf Creek: I heard lots of people didn't like it because it's not scary enough.


White Chicks: A lot of my friends didn't like this movie because it made fun of White girls....(I thought it was hilarious, non-contorversal comedy....right??)


Final Destination 3: I heard alot of people complaining "Not another Final Destination Movie" in the movie theater when the trailer was played. (I thought the movie was awesome and clever (not more so than Saw I & II) but great nonetheless...special effects...killer.)


All I Can think of At the Moment..

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Here is two of my favorites

that flopped, but i still like them anyways!!!


1. Thomas and the Magic Railroad


OMG!!!! My 2 year old is OBSESSED with that movie...We have to watch it at least 2 times a day..He grabs it our of the DVD stand and yells CHOO CHOO'S



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People seem to hate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but it's one of my favorites of all time.


Killer movie! Terry Gilliam is the only person who come close to pulling off Hunter S Thompson. I assume that you are also a big "Brazil" fan.


If you haven't already ... read the book.

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Eric theViking

War of the Worlds

Fantastic 4


Why doesn't anyone like them?


Never heard of Eric the Viking but I love War of the Worlds and Fantastic Four (Any of the War of the worlds actually)

I just noticed that this topic was Movies you LOVE that people dont, these are pretty much movies I enjoy watching and in some cases love, but the ones I listed aren't necessarily my favorites


Except War of the Worlds... both the new and old one are surprisingly scary *trembles of the fact of alien horror*



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