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  1. Thanks for the pix. It looks really nice, but not the "mind blowing" theming that was rumored.
  2. Bubba: Thanks! I didn't get a chance to try La Folie (they may have been out) but everything else was awesome. Let me know what you think...
  3. While driving across country (fleeing Utah as fast as we could) we made a pilgrimage to the the birthplace of Fat Tire, the New Belgium Brewing Co in Ft. Collins Colorado. When we arrived in the evening, the brewery was closed, so we checked out Coopersmith Brewpub, and it did not disappoint! Food was fantastic, beer was excellent, and a great crowd. Really worth a side trip from Denver (about an hour) if you are in the area. New Belgium was way laid back, the tastings were free, and the self-guided tour was fun. And it was very family friendly. We bought some t shirts and stuff, and when they gave my husband too much change and he let them know, the staff gave him a free bottle of Fat Tire for the road--for his honesty. Nice! Fat Tire from the place of origin? Priceless! Oh yeah, BTW...for you SD beer fans, we visited the Karl Strauss in Carlsbad, just outside the gates to Legoland, and it was probably our best KS experience yet-- especially after a long day at Legoland! This is the entrance to Coopersmith. Great pub! Um, this doesn't really look comfortable. My kid demonstrates HOPS-scotch. Get it? Hops? Oh, all right. Mmm, sweet beer! Employee of the month... Fresh and tasty! This biking stuff is no joke. pray at the alter of sweet nectar. This mirror ushers you into the self guided tour. Travel around with New Belgium! This rig has a keg and a movie screen. Great stuff! We heart beer! Your daily selection. Enter and be merry. Welcome! Entry to beer mecca.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Wish I had known about this when I was in Fruita a couple of weeks ago. The mountain biking one is my fave, too.
  5. The one in Park City is pretty cool, but expensive. Each ride costs something like $12 (can't remember). You can go pretty fast, but they have signs encouraging you to pull the breaks around the corners. We didn't, and it was no problem.
  6. Bubba: Yeah, I had never had Deschutes but I liked it a lot. I noticed you got to try one of my all time faves, Ballast Point Yellowtail. I plan to pick some up CA later this summer. Sounds like PA is great for beer. I hope GA has a good selection-- we are moving there in a few months.
  7. A quick two-day mountain biking trip to Colorado yielded some bruises, scrapes, and great beers. We visited the Rockslide Brewpub in Grand Junction, Co, which had such a great brunch that we returned that night for dinner. The beers tasted so fresh! I have been disappointed lately with stale tasting beers at the local brewpubs, so Rockslide was a great surprise. The next night we stopped at the Moab Brewery on the way home, which has incredible food. But first, we stopped at a Colorado liquor store to get some "real" beer to take back to Utah. It was so nice to have a great selection, reminded me of BevMo!! The New Belgium Skinny Dip is a nice, light seasonal. Thought we'd bring home a few old favorites and some new stuff. All have been great! Thanks, Colorado!! When you see this, you know you are in Moab, the mountain biking capital of the world. This is The Chile Pepper bike shop, next door to the Moab Brewery. A nice assortment, I liked the Rabbit Ears Amber Good Stuff!
  8. Just got back from Maui where everything is better. Tried a few local brews, all of the Kona offerings are awesome. The Maui Brewing company had some interesting beers, a few of them had a passion fruit smell and flavor. Unfortunately the pub and the food were a bit of a disappointment. Oh well. The Mehana was very good, a great red. From the Big Island, I think. Maui sampler
  9. Nice TR, Bubba! Glad you could hit up Four Peaks before you moved!
  10. Bubba: Yeah, parking is a total pain. All I can say is get there early. We never had a problem around 6 pm but by 7 it was impossible. Sometimes the parking lot out back will have a spot or two as people come and go. For your mom, you might have tried their 2nd location in N Scottsdale. It doesn't take too long to get there and there is less of a crowd, usually. Less of a college crowd, too. Tops is worth the drive. If you are at Baseline and the 10, it's really not that far to Tops, right off Mill. And Sun Devil is technically in Mesa, if I recall, so that might work for you too.
  11. OMG! I LOOOOVE Kilt Lifter and Four Peaks! 8th Street Ale is one of my all time favorites! It's worth the trip to PHX (Tempe) for the real thing on tap, beer fans. Four Peaks has great atmosphere. I've spent quality time on the barstools there. Killer fish and chips, too. Have you tried Black Mountain Brewing at Satisfied Frog? They make some pretty good stuff, too. PS Bubba, at least direct your friends to TOPS liquor instead of the 7 11. Or Sun Devil Liquors.
  12. Ugh, I have a number of problems with that video and the statements made, but I'll save everyone the boredom that would result if I went off on journalistic ethics and the internet, shoddy TV reporting, and cavalier statements by Disney reps who should know better. Bad PR, bad journalism, etc.
  13. Yes-- I liked that you maintained the original feel and just reorganized some stuff. The worst redo I've ever seen is Mouseplanet.com. They totally lost the feel of the site, made it less fun and too cluttered. I went from daily visits to nearly never.
  14. Looks good! Definitely more accessible for those new to the site!
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