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What's your closest coaster?

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So, say you're desperate for some coaster ridin' fun. What's the closest ride to where you live, as the crow flies. Let's discuss the big coasters, not kiddie/family coasters.


Mine is this bad boy! About 20 miles / half-an-hour's drive away.


The Runaway Mine Train



Beat that, thrill seekers!




Look at that for a ride! Dare you board the RUNAWAY MINE TRAIN!!!


In the background you can just make out poor old Bug Run where it's been put out to pasture. Eat up that grass little catterpillar guy - you'll soon be a beautiful butterfly!



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Straight line distance, Surf Coaster (TOGO) at Hakkejima Sea Paradise is 4.26 miles from my house and 2.95 miles from my work. I can't see the coaster from work, but I can see the dolphin show pyramid, the Intamin observation tower and the 2nd tallest Intamin drop tower in the world, Blue Fall from my 'office' window. It takes about 20-30 minutes to drive depending on lights and traffic, a little longer by train.



I've only been three times in three years.

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