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Elitch Gardens Discussion Thread

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If your to lazy to go to the website!



We’re giving you a reason to smile even bigger this year, Denver! Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park are proud to announce three new rides that will open this summer. Tube Top, a twisting, twirling, totally-enclosed tube slide is going into Elitch Gardens’ water park while a fresh new look for the theme park’s KiddieLand will feature Rockin’ Tug and Tike Bikes, two new children’s rides.

Along with the three new rides, Elitch Gardens is also delivering new custom-produced shows that will bring the audience into the act—promising yet another season of exciting entertainment in downtown Denver.

And the best news yet – all rides and shows are free with park admission!

Without further ado, it’s time to announce the new rides and new shows coming to Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in 2012….drum roll please….



Tube Top:

When the summer does heat up, thrill-seekers will race to Elitch Gardens to drop into the whirling excitement of Tube Top – the only ride of its kind in Colorado. Riding in 4-person cloverleaf shaped tubes, passengers on Tube Top will be drenched by 4,000 gallons of water as they spiral, twist and swirl through the action-packed enclosed slide that features a double spiral, zero gravity funnel and vortex turn. Once complete, the award-winning wild purple and yellow slide will be visible from I-25.

KiddieLand Rides:

Families will be delighted to see the fresh, new look at Elitch Gardens’ KiddieLand. A colorful new entrance, brand new theater, and two new rides bring renewed excitement to the popular kids’ area which includes a total of 14 rides.

On the new Rockin’ Tug, kids of all ages, and grown-ups too, will join in a sea-faring ride that simulates the gentle motion of ocean waves. Little hot-rods can also zoom around on Tike Bikes, a new motorcycle ride that gives kids the rush of the open road.



Cirque Innosta Verano:

Elitch Gardens will also debut a spectacular lineup of new shows this summer. Highlighting the immersive entertainment is “Cirque Innosta Verano,” a full 360-degree stage experience designed to dazzle guests and make them part of this unique show. Best-in-class performers will display acts of aerial artistry and amazing strength as they fold audience members into the kaleidoscope of intrigue.

Rock School for Kids:

Kids will love seeing the HipHopsicals in “Rock School for Kids” where Johnny Rocket Pop and Darla Drumstick take their music and dance straight out into the audience.


As the summer sun sets, Elitch Gardens’ new night show, “REFLECTIONS,” will light the sky with a spectacular wash of color, drama and special effects. ]



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While I am disappointed that the new rides are a little lackluster for the thrill seeker, I am glad to see Elitch's growing and getting a more well-rounded ride collection. The newest ride was Ghost Blasters which opened four years ago, so any new ride is a plus in my book. Like what was said before, families are the parks largest market so these new additions fit very well if you ask me.

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Well, they have to add in the little rides sometime. At least the Rockin' Tug is adult-friendly (though I've only ever bothered to ride one, myself). It was pretty hard for me to gauge from the hype whether we could expect at least one dry moderate-to-high thrill ride or not. Glad we finally have an answer.

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I am glad to see Elitch getting some love. I think the remodel of the kids area with the new rides and theater are a welcomed addition. Plus the new Tantrum will be fun. What I am really looking forward to is the new night time show. If they can improve on Ignight (which was very good until it was reduced do to complaints from residents in the area) from last year, than it should be VERY good. Add in more flowers/landscaping and they are clearly headed in the right direction. Hopefully next year we will see a quality coaster addition with some good theming.

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Check this out.




We get a ProSlide Tantrum (not bad) , and two outdated, crappy looking, probably from a carnival kiddie rides. The slide looks pretty fun, the rest is just disappointing. I was expecting at least a little better than this, thanks Elitches...


Rather juvenile to diss on the kiddie rides I think. Remember, families are the best income base to have so these additions are pretty solid for their bottom line. As we always say, not every addition has to be aimed at thrill seekers. HFEC always does well with their new ride additions. When they bought the Stinger (Wisdom Tornado) for CC, it was indeed an old rusty fair ride, but they cleaned and refurbished it so well that when it opened you would swear it was a brand new ride. These might be new though, I don't know of anyone selling a Zamperla rock-in-tug used, unless there was one left over from Cypress Gardens.


Good to see them buy a Tantrum. I hope it gets them to put them in other parks soon as well.


Its not that I have a problem with the park getting new kiddie rides, there's nothing wrong with trying to appeal to a younger crowd, I just think that it would have been better to invest in a ride that would appeal to a wider audience is all. Such as a Vekoma Roller Skater perhaps would have had a wider audience range, or maybe a Zamperla Motocoaster, which while it wouldn't appeal to toddlers and kids under 7, it still would appeal to both families and local thrillseekers, which in my opinion would have been a better investment.


And anyway, I was only ranting in my last post because of my disappointment in not having something really cool for my home theme park for 4 years, and even though Tube Top looks pretty cool, I am still kind of jealous from seeing so many other parks in the country getting really cool, new and exciting rides. That's understandable, right?

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^Don't worry, people are going to be so blown away by:


Kids will love seeing the HipHopsicals in “Rock School for Kids” where Johnny Rocket Pop and Darla Drumstick take their music and dance straight out into the audience.


...that they aren't going to really care what's new or how many crappy coasters they have.

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I was visiting a friend in Denver this past weekend and we went to Elitch for a few hours. It was my first time visiting the park, and overall I think its an enjoyable little park. We got there right before opening and went straight to Sidewinder. This was actually my favorite coaster in the park, and we rode it twice. It's the third Arrow launched shuttle loop I've been on, and these rides don't dissapoint. Simple but smooth and fun, nice airtime, and a bit of intensity going through the loop backwards. Next we rode Halfpipe, which was very interesting. We rode twice in a row because there was a very short line. It's not as intense as it looks, and there is a bit of rattling, but it's a very fun ride. Boomerang was much smoother than most boomerangs, but still nothing special. Twister II was fine. We rode in the front, and it was still a little rough, with no airtime. The final coaster was Minderaser, which is the worst coaster in the park. Typical hang 'n bang. My friend, who is not a coaster enthusiast, said it looked like Raptor at Cedar Point, but after riding she said it was "NOTHING like Raptor."


We also rode Ghost Blasters, which was really fun. I always enjoy rides like this. We rode again without shooting just so we could pay more attention to all of the effects, then we rode a third time to try to get a top score. Great ride attendants on this ride. They kept the short line moving quickly by matching up groups of two.


Slow loading on the coasters was an issue, but because the park wasn't crowded it didn't matter very much. They were running two trains on Minderaser and Twister II, but stacking the trains for several minutes each time. On Twister II, my restraint was checked a total on five times by two different employees. Part of it may have been due to opening weekend; I think they were still training some of the employees.


I liked Elitch better than I expected. The coaster collection isn't great, but it's relatively affordable (except for the $15 parking, ouch!) and seems like a nice park for the whole family. The employees were nice. What they could really use is a mid-sized family coaster, something with a 42" height limit. Eventually it would be great to see them get a signature coaster. I think the park could support something like a small B&M hyper coaster.

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^They must have over-launched it and it flew off the top! I've seen it happen to countless space shots in Roller Coaster Tycoon, same principle apply here.


I don't think it's possible. I don't know what you call them, but there are little stoppers at the end of the track to prevent that.


You can see the stoppers at the top.

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From Screamscape:


”Today I was on Half Pipe with a friend, our first ride of the day and it literally crashed n derailed. Somehow no one contacted the news. During the ride duration while coming down the east spike the car HIT the LIM causing a crash sound. Immediately the ride went into its safety cut out mode. As we flew through the station now slowing down suddenly the coaster began to derail literally and a bunch of sparks bursted as we entered the west spike. While all this happening, piece of the LIMs and coaster parts were flying in the air. The crash sound and jolt of the coaster with sparks flying around followed a distinct electric burning smell. No one was hurt. Overall the park handled the situation well. This happened all around 630pm on saturday 10/5”


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