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  1. I live in Westminster, about 20 minutes away. I've been on record breaking coasters and ones that everyone seems to love, but I always hold a spot in my heart for Elitch's.
  2. While I am disappointed that the new rides are a little lackluster for the thrill seeker, I am glad to see Elitch's growing and getting a more well-rounded ride collection. The newest ride was Ghost Blasters which opened four years ago, so any new ride is a plus in my book. Like what was said before, families are the parks largest market so these new additions fit very well if you ask me.
  3. Cyclone (Astroland): 1927 Cyclone (Lakeside): 1940 Runaway Mine Train (SFOT): 1966
  4. Jordan looks like an amazing place! Incredible and beautiful. I can't wait for more pictures! That's a tiny little spinning coaster.
  5. Aside from my home parks (Elitch Gardens, Lakeside, Water World) I also plan on visiting; - Carowinds - Six Flags Great America - Lagoon - Worlds of Fun I also hope to get up to Breckenridge and Glenwood Springs for their alpine coasters. There is also a Screamin' Swing in Glenwood Springs that swings over the edge of a mountain!
  6. I love Arrow shuttles! - Four pops of ejector airtime! (two each way) - The intense positive forces of being thrown into the loop. - The unexpected drop of the backwards launch. - I don't even mind climbing all the stairs to get to the top.
  7. I suppose that the park could tear down one of its 5 picnic pavilions for more room.
  8. Does "360 degree shows" mean that the park would be expanding the current arena into a complete circle? If so, that would cut into the space where the Flying Coaster used to be and make putting a new ride there difficult. I also remember seeing this picture in the IAAPA update thread... A new water slide at the park is looking very promising.
  9. I always thought that RnRC at WDW and Disney Paris were a Vekoma LSM clone, the same as Xpress at Walibi Holland?
  10. So I am visiting my extended family in Valperaiso, IN this upcoming June and have struck a deal with my parents that I can borrow the car for one day and visit a theme park. I have never been to any parks in the area and would like to keep my driving time to 4 hours maximum each way. So which park would be worth my time and could be more or less covered in a day? Thanks!
  11. Multilevel go karts? I have never heard of that before. I guess I'm going to Florida this year.
  12. Is that shuttle coaster taller than average or is the lift just really slow? Regardless, it looks like a lot of fun.
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